Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dengue Epidemic: Prevention Better Than Cure

Since the news declared the outbreak on dengue, I was in paranoia on how to prevent this deadly mosquito bite. Being a mom, my heart breaks whenever I see on tv the reports about the number of children killed by the dengue virus. Various news and articles can be found on the internet informing us to be aware of this killer mosquito. 

Dengue Hemorrhagic fever is an acute infectious disease manifested initially with fever. A day-biting mosquito, Aedis aegypti, is the transmitter of the disease. According to news. these mosquitoes usually bite at 5am to 7am and 5pm to 7pm (sunrise and sunset). They love dark-colored clothes, they lay eggs on clean stagnant water, they rests on dark places of the house and they need at least 3 bites for them to lay eggs.

I searched online for mosquito repellants that I can give my toddler in order to prevent being bitten by the killer mosquitoes.  I found out that it is best to apply no-DEET mosquito repellants for toddlers which are safe for babies.  I bought mosquito repellant stick-on patches in drugstores. I prefer these patches since these are made up from natural ingredients such as citronella and eucalyptus oil. For us adults, the Baygon Electric Mosquito Killer Mat I bought is only switched outside our room to prevent my daughter from inhaling it.

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