Friday, March 15, 2013

My Little Beauty Princess

Since my baby loves to imitate the little girls of the “Little Miss Philippines”, I let her join the Little Mutya ng Parokya (Little Miss Parish) in my hubby’s hometown. It was a beauty & talent contest for kids 4-8 years old. Although my baby was barely three, she was qualified because of her charm and she looks big at her age. I believe this contest will enhance her talent, boost her confidence and develop her social skills. Every weekday she’s left with her nanny, and she has no playmates since she’s our only child. Joining this contest is also an opportunity to meet other kids and socialize with them.

At first I was nervous because during the practices and rehearsals she doesn’t want to speak and ramp on the stage. She surprised us during the final contest when it was her turn. Even the other contestant’s moms were also surprised because they never expected that she will speak, ramp and do her talent portion. I have come to realize that it was only when she is dressed-up that she wants to be in action. Yes, I was really a proud mom when she blew kisses and impressed the audience with her cute smile, witty answers and entertaining dance portion. She really caught the crowd’s attention not only because she was the youngest among the contestants but also because of her cute innocent moves.

It was really an exhausting day because of mixed nervousness and excitement. But it’s all worth it; she brought home the 2nd Runner-up title and People’s Choice Award.

You always make your mommy and daddy proud baby. Stay beautiful and I know you will grow with beautiful heart too. 

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Terno Moments: Fashionable Way of Bonding with Baby

Who says we have to stop our fashion addiction once we gave birth? Becoming a mom is a great chance to enjoy fashion.  We are even luckier because we already had our partner in dressing-up- yes, our cute baby.
I started buying terno dress for mom & daughter since my baby is 7 months old, then when it was her 2nd birthday. At first, we only wear terno moments occasionally. But when I discovered online sellers of affordable terno mom & daughter clothes, I became addicted that I order clothes almost every week. These online sellers are selling fashionable & comfortable outfits at an affordable price.
1st time to wear terno shirt (from Guess)

2nd time to wear terno outfit (Celine's 2nd B-day)- dress from Purple Candy

I enjoy our fashionable moments together wearing our terno outfits. Not only that I feel more attached to my baby, it’s also easier for me to think what clothes we should wear in every occasion. It was really fun to have mommy terno moments with my little one especially when I see how happy she is when we go out together wearing terno. Also, people can easily recognize that we are mother & daughter because of our matching outfits. 
Here are some of our terno moments together (^^)

Our kids are only young once, that is why I don’t want to miss the opportunity to bond with her thru fashion. Because once she grew-up, I am not sure if she still like to wear terno dress with me, haha (^^).

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