Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts: Celebrating Christmas

Happiness is…

  1. I and hubby gave Christmas gifts to our colleagues
  2. Fuchsia dress from Jenny Baluyut
  3. Cutie fan from Lizel Lapuz
  4. Mickey Mouse cellphone holder from Lorie
  5. Star of the Night during our office Christmas Party!
  6. Lollipop for my baby Celine
  7. Pretty mirror from Thei (^^)
  8. Will celebrate Christmas in Apalit and Tarlac
  9. Papaitan cooked by my hubby! Yumyum!
  10. Weekend with my family!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Celine Milestones

date: 11/07/2009   age: Newborn

Early in the morning of November 7, 2009, I felt like my womb is contracting every 5 minutes. My OB-Gyne advised me to expect the baby as early as November 9, 2009 as my cervix is already soft. .Inspite of the labor pains, we were able to go to SM Great Image for a pictorial with my hubby. My husband brought me to the hospital at 4:45pm when the pain became more intense. I was dilated at 2cm when we arrived at the hospital. The OB was surprised when she found out that the baby was coming since I was already dilated at 8cm at 6pm. With only one push, Celine finally came out at 6:43pm. No words can explain how happy I am the first time I saw my baby... I took her small hands and held her tight.. very happy of the wonderful gift God has given me.. and a little bit nervous thinking I am already a mother to a very cute baby girl

Brought baby home
date: 11/09/2009   age: Newborn

I am extremely overwhelmed when the nurse has finally handed to me my baby. She was wearing a white tie-side shirt and a diaper at that time and I wrapped her with a pink receiving blanket. On our way home, her daddy is driving slower than usual. Celine was so quiet on our way, and looks like she’s feeling secured as I held her closely in my arms.

First doctor visit
date: 11/13/2009   age: Newborn

My baby has gained only .05kgs from birth. She is now 3.35kgs. Happy to know we're on the right track.Doc Ronald Morales, husband of my OB-Gyne,  will be Celine's pediatrician. Doc Morales told us that our baby is doing well but we need to expose her under the sun since her skin is still yellowish.

First smile
date: 11/17/2009   age: 1 week old

I find myself reaching for the camera several times a day since the day we brought home our baby. I want to capture all of my baby's antics. I want to capture her first smile. She often sleeps and her eyes always shut in her pictures. Until one day when I was gazing at my baby in her cot, I saw her smile for the first time. It feels like I’m the happiest Mom on Earth to see my baby smile, and makes me wonder what made my baby smile?

First time rolling over
date: 03/28/2010   age: 6 months old: Week 3

My baby first rolled over- from back to tummy while I was playing with her in the bed. My baby was a little bit surprised when she was already on her stomach. I was pretty excited to see her in that position and hurriedly took my camera..surprisingly she even smiled upon seeing me taking a picture of her.

First time sitting up
date: 05/01/2010   age: 5 months old: Week 4

While spending quality time with our baby Celine in our room, we are extremely surprised to see her sit alone as her Daddy removed his support to her body! Celine really enjoyed that moment as we record a video of her milestone.

First tooth
date: 05/01/2010   age: 5 months old: Week 4

After months of chewing and drooling- the 1st sharp little tooth has barley surfaced! Looking at it it's the lower middle tooth (right side of the middle). She would wake up in the middle of the night screaming and would take a bottle of milk to go back down. Currently she's got 2 visible tiny teeth. Her drooling was unstoppable. She likes to feel her teeth with her tongue. Probably wondering what they are.

Started solids
date: 05/09/2010   age: 6 months old

Celine tried solids for the first time. An apple was first on the menu, grated through a spoon and a teaspoonful consumed. Other than the tounge reflex pushing the food back out of her mouth, she seemed to enjoy the experience. She seemed to be grateful for giving her an apple and smiles for every teaspoon of grated apple her Daddy gives her.

First haircut
date: 11/07/2010   age: 1 year old
Celine had her first haircut today. It has been a superstitious belief that the first haircut should be done by someone intelligent so that the baby will inherit the mental capacity of the cutter. And I’m proud I did it. I put the lock of hair I got from Celine in a Medical Guide since I have a dream for her to become a doctor someday. She looks really pretty on her new hairstyle. My baby looks like a grown-up already.

First steps
date: 12/09/2010   age: 13 months

Celine had finally made her first independent steps. She walked to me while balancing thru her hands. She looks so happy and she enjoys what she’s doing. From then on, she keeps on repeating it over and over again.

Monday, December 20, 2010

And the Star of the Night Goes to..

Christmas Party 2010

We had our Christmas Party last December 17, held at our office. It is a time of the year to relax, enjoy the night, forget about the work and have a gathering. It was a simple, fun-filled party with retro look. It was one of the happiest Christmas parties I have attended. We were required to wear 60’s, 70’s and 80’s costume. I browse thru the internet to see what costume I should look for. Christmas party outfits need not to be expensive. I thought of buying something reusable, something I can wear again for some occasions. Got my costume from a tiangge at Maligaya 168 located at San Fernando, Pampanga. I bought a black skirt with big ribbon, dangling earrings, accessories, yellow blouse and a pair of boots at Ukay-ukay (second-hand).

All the girls were looking very glamorous and all the boys were enjoying the night with SanMig Light beer(my hubby included)!

Christmas Party is also a time to see your boss mingle with her staff,
to build harmony with your colleague, to see the real beauty
behind the stress from work.. (^^) (With the San Fernando (P) Branch ladies

Our Christmas presentation: Performing Stop by Spice Girls
(Maybe I should gain weight now, I look so thin!)
With my hubby

Picture, picture with our Christmas Wish List!!
Gift from my Angel: Jenny.. a lovely fuchsia dress.. I love it!

 Our Regional Head finally announced the Star of the Night at the end of the party. And the Star of the Night goes to... me!

Essence of Christmas: A time to Love and Share

Whenever the month of December sets in, people would be busy preparing on how to celebrate the Christmas. Christmas is the day that Christians have set aside to celebrate the beginning of the greatest gift mankind has ever received.

It has been my personal practice since I was 7 years old to prepare personalized Christmas card for my parents. It’s a common notation that Christmas is the much-awaited season for most of the kids to receive presents from adults, but for me, it’s a much-awaited moment to express thankfulness to my parents, for the love and care they have instilled on us, just like what Mama Mary and Joseph provided baby Jesus. Mixed emotions struck me from the time I prepare the card to the moment I give it to them. I am filled with excitement as I hide it from them while preparing the card; I am really thrilled whenever I see my finished Christmas card made from materials out of nowhere. I am overwhelmed whenever I could see in my parent’s eyes the sparkling love and the smile of appreciation as they got the message from my simple gift.

Now that I am a Mom, I want to show my little princess the true essence of Christmas. I make sure that she’s present every time I buy gifts for my officemates, friends and family. I even allow her hold a gift wrapper and a scotch tape to experience how to wrap a gift.  And whenever I receive gifts from my officemates, family and friends, I would let Celine open them, to show her that if you give Love, it will come right back to you. They say it takes a good mom to bring-up a good child. It is not only the words that I should teach her coz children imitate what adults do.

What really counts is not gift, but the thought of giving a time of you to remember the special people at Christmas time. It is the time for extending the amazing gift Jesus has given us. It is the time for love and sharing.

My Girl Lollipop!

My girl Lollipop, you make my heart go giddy up,
You are as sweet as candy, you are my sugar dandy,
Oh, oh, my girl lollipop, never ever leave me,
Because it would grieve me, my heart told me so.

I love you, I love you, I love you so,
And I don't want you to know,
I need you, I need you, I need you so,
But I'll never let you go.
(Lyrics by Millie Small)

After my Mom told me of how desperate Celine was when she saw her playmates licked their lollipop, I finally let her try the lollipop we got from Seanshine's First birthday party. I was anxious at first that she might get choke but it's so amusing to see her lick it just like a three-year old little girl. At thirteen months, it was her first time to have a lollipop. She's the sweetest baby girl lollipop I've ever known!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Beautiful Mind: Wednesday Happy Thoughts

It’s time for a beautiful mind. They say happiness cannot be found on someone or on anything, but it is only within ourselves on how we perceive every little thing that we received each day.

This is my first time to blog my Wednesday happy thoughts,..

Happiness is…

1.      Early dinner date with my bhi-mine at Dimsum  (Northwalk) yesterday.. I loved the beef noodles, so yummy!
2.      Pedicure with my hubby at Greenville and new haircut for him (^^)..
3.      Bonding moments again with our little princess Celine last night and this morning!
4.      Looking forward for an exciting Christmas party at office this Friday
5.      Long distance call from New Zealand (my bestfriend, Elcel Christine)..I missed her so much.. It’s so nice to know that inspite of her busy schedules she still remembers me..
6.      I am so glad that at last, I have proven to myself that my hubby deserves my trust..

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sorry Bhi-mine..

Since the first time I got mad with you because of a missed call from an unknown number, my heart has been filled with doubts about the love you have for me. The trust and confidence I have used to feel was shaken by my jealousy, insecurities and doubts. How many times I have cried because of not believing in you, thinking that you’re not happy with me anymore.

But then, last night, I prayed to God to give me the peace of mind I’ve been longing for. The wrong thoughts have been bothering me for so many nights, making me see your flaws rather than your efforts. I asked God many times why I fell in love with you.

Today, God gave me the answers to prove how He truly loves me for having you in my life. With my sincere prayer, he granted me the peace of mind and emotional security I have been looking for.God helped me to discover that all the accusations and assumptions I have for you were all wrong. I am very sorry for the pain that you felt because of my bad attitude, for being so paranoid with our relationship. I have questioned your love for me many times, but still you’ve been patient with my behavior. I should not have accused you, but rather should have trusted you. I should have believed in you.

Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13: A Birthday to Remember

On our wedding day (with my in-laws)

I just want to share a story about a woman I met on November 30, 2008 to whom I owe so much.. My special friend introduced her to me.. she’s his Mom.. And I never thought at that time that she too will become my second Mom. I came to know her as a cheerful and bubbly woman amidst the pain she’s suffering from Diabetes. She told me, she used to pray that her son will not meet the one God has prepared for him. She wanted to be with him always.. But, when she’s starting to feel weak, she suddenly thought that maybe it’s time to see her grandchild to her only son. I asked her: “When did you start praying for the true love of your beloved son?” She answered, three years ago.” I was mesmerized.. that was the time I entered the bank to where me and her only son worked.

And her prayers came true.. after four months, I and her son got married. There’s only one wish she ever prayed for that has not yet been granted.. a granddaughter.. since her only daughter’s kids are all boys.. For how many months we lived with her in the old house, I never heard her complained of her children. I never saw her cry. I never experienced any dull moments with her. She would always knock on our room and offer me fruits to eat. Yes, she’s so much concerned with her grandchild that I carry. And she always hopes that this time her wish will be granted. In August 2009, we had good news.. my ultrasound result says we’re having a baby girl. And finally in November 2009, I gave birth to our beautiful daughter.. her wish has finally come true..

After a few months, she started to get weak because of her Diabetes and her ear infection added pain to her. She could not eat well. She’s taking herbal medications. She has a faith for healers rather than doctors. She was hospitalized three times, and half of her body was paralyzed. She was bed ridden, but her children never stop taking care of her. I admire my husband and my sister-in-law for the hope and faith they are holding on, and the love they have for their mother.
Until her time has come to meet our Father in Heaven. She died peacefully raising a cross. It was in July 16, 2010 when our Aunt called us about the shocking and very sad news. The night before she died, we visited her, and whispered to her how much we love her.

The loss of a parent is one of the biggest things in life, something people feel unprepared for and often feel the sense of grief will never leave them. I don’t know how to comfort my husband for I know how he loves his mother so much. And I’m thankful that God guided us to surpass this trial.

In the memory of a great mother-in-law..
Corazon Melo Mercado (December 13, 1948 – July 16, 2010)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Youngest Doctor

You’re really a doctor to me my dearest daughter, ‘coz you always make me feel well..
I know you’re a smart girl, I can see you have the potential.. and whatever ambitions you have, I will support you.. All I want for you is to be happy always.. I love you..

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Family Bonding in Subic

It was a great weekend with my Bhi-mine and Celine, a weekend full of fun, family bonding and happiness.. It’s my long awaited out-of-town trip with my family. It was Celine who first woke up (I wonder if she’s already aware that we are going to Subic). We packed-up our things and left the house at exactly seven in the morning. Our almost two-hour travel to Subic was worth since we enjoyed the fascinating shows of Ocean Adventure’s marine animals- dolphins, sea lions and whales- packed with action, comedy, conservation message and interesting information.

Ocean Adventure is located in Ilanin Bay inside Subic Zambales. We followed the following Park schedule:

  1. The Adventures of Olongapo Jones @ the Seaside Stadium (9:30am)
Celine was truly amazed of the bouncing Basura Boys!! She also loved the Co-Eco Rangers of Olongapo Jones, Pawee and Leila.
  1. Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show @ the Nautilus Theater ( 10:15 am)
The crowd enjoyed the fascinating tricks of the sea lions. We were also educated on how to protect these marine animals and how to conserve them. While watching the show, Celine was busy sipping my mango shake! She really enjoyed the sour and sweet taste of the mango.
  1. Dolphin Friends Show @ the El Capitan Theater  (11:00am)
This is the show where Celine was delighted most. She keeps on pointing at the dolphins while doing their antics. She almost cried when the show has ended because she could no longer see the dolphins in the water anymore.
  1. Walk on the Wild Side @ the Eco Theater (11:45 am)
We were fascinated with the amazing ability of the Aeta to build and light a fire without matches, and to create a variety of utensils and tools from bamboo.

                               After the Ocean Adventure experience, we had our lunch at Reyes Barbecue.

Then, we headed to Oceanview Beach and Resort. Since it took us two hours looking for a nice beach, it was already 4pm when we check-in at the Oceanview Hotel. As expected, Celine’s first time to swim was not that easy. When her Daddy swims her in the water, she turned into a blue-tinged, shivering baby. Maybe because babies are not good in controlling their temperature, and they don’t move much in water. At nighttime, Celine enjoyed watching us (her Dad and I) swimming and playing on the beach.

                                   It was a wonderful day, with wonderful persons in my life…

The next morning, we take pictures by the seashore.. wrote our name in the sand.. and went home with smile in our hearts..

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thank God It's Friday!

Thank God it’s Friday!! I’m glad that a long weekend is coming and the work week is over. November 29 has been declared a national holiday, so it’s a great chance for my family to plan for a family bonding time! My two months of maternity leave (September 23-November 22) have made my Fridays just like another day.

How’s my back to work days so far? Well, it was just like going back to work after holidays, my body’s already in office but my mind’s still on vacation, lol! I’m just glad that my officemates who was in charge of my accounts/clients have finished the tasks I left when I was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy. It’s been two months of resting, but still I lose weight because of lack of appetite.

Going back on my plan of family bonding, I have visited one website that had a list of good beach resorts and zoos which are good for our baby Celine. Tomorrow morning, me and my husband will buy food, swim wear and snacks for our trip to Subic. I hope this plan will come true, for if ever, it will be Celine’s first time to swim, to see dolphin shows and to experience interacting with different animals. I’m just glad that my Bhi-mine is willing to spend his time with us on Sunday.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Celine Kirsten's 1st Birthday!

From the day I gave birth to my little princess Celine, November 7, 2009, my mind and body have been so busy thinking of what new things I must do to give her all the best I can. This year have flown by, and these past twelve months was really full of excitement for every milestones she achieves, happiness for every love I see in her eyes, and thankfulness to God for giving me the chance to experience to be a mother to my little one. She has changed me a lot..into a better person. My priorities have changed too, for I’m willing to do anything for her, and I will protect her with all my strength

We only turn one once, so I see to it that I’ll make Celine’s first birthday really special.

I personally made her birthday invitation while I was on leave ( maternity leave because of ectopic pregnancy). It took me so long to choose her birthday gown in SM Department Store at the Infant’s Section since I really want my princess’ beauty to stand out on her special day. I paired it with stockings and pink cutie shoes. Aside from the birthday gown, I bought also a tinker bell costume (with wings, magic wand and hair dress) which she will wear at the beginning of the party.

Hubby and I have chosen to celebrate our daughter’s first birthday at Fortune Hongkong Seafood Restaurant because of its aircon instead of renting an open space since Celine can’t withstand heat, and secondly, because the food in this restaurant is great. We’ve decided to order the balloons (water balloons, with string and pillar balloons for the stage), party hats, pabitin, clowns and birthday cake from only one source—the Polkashop Party Needs.

 Since the blowing of her birthday cake’s candle is one of the highlights of the party, I made sure that its design matches with her tinker bell costume. We went to Lailen’s Pastries to draw the design of the cake.

. Her Ninang Cath bought her mini-stuff toys to be given to the little baby guests. Hubby and I also bought assorted toys to be given as prizes to the kids who will win the games prepared by the clowns.

 We were so happy that an average of 155 guests attended the party. We were so overwhelmed to see our relatives, friends, officemates and neighborhood to come to the party for Celine and celebrate her first birthday with us.

We had such a wonderful day celebrating her birthday- playing games, watching magic tricks and uniting with each and everyone. Although Celine looks a little bit serious that day, I can feel that she loved seeing all of her family and being the center of attention.

After the party, Celine was really excited opening her birthday gifts. She had received 44 gifts in kind and P8,000! It’s amazing how the people around her truly love her, how they have set aside a piece of their time for her and what really counts is their presence.


Somewhere back in time
You became a friend of mine
And day by day we've grown a little closer
You're my spirit to be strong
A friend when things go wrong
So I've written down these words to let you know

Loves grown deep, deep into the heart of me
You've become a part of me
Let us plant the seed and watch it grow
Loves grown deep, deep into the heart of me
You've become a part of me

Such music sung by Kelly Nolan made me reminisce of the past. That was the song I have chosen as the audio background of the slideshow I made and presented at the reception during our church wedding. Memories suddenly restored on my mind as I listen to the sweet music- our movie dates, lakeshore trips, dinner dates, valentine cards, bouquet of flowers, surprise gifts and all the efforts of my ex-boyfriend (presently my hubby) that made my heart melted.

I had played the music repeatedly to remember that intense feeling of love for my husband. Last May 31, 2010, we celebrated our first church wedding anniversary. Within a year of our marriage, many things happened.. a lot of things has changed.. Having our little angel Celine is the best thing that happened to us. She inspires us every moment of each day, her sweet smiles, her cute pictures on my desktop, her babbling sound that wakes us every morning, heart-melting milestones we witnessed, the love we see through her eyes, the comfort she feels as we cuddle her, and the trust she gives everytime her daddy throws and catches her in the air.

I could say that the first year of our marriage is a year of adjustment period. It is filled with ups and downs. We had encountered misunderstandings resolved through the love, commitment and patience for each other. These conflicts are expected since we are exactly opposite of each other. We were raised by two different families with different lifestyle, and way of upbringing and disciplining. These disagreements have formed spaces between the two of us. Both of us had experienced the feeling being rejected, ignored, insecure, unsupported, unloved, not respected, and unappreciated.. yet we didn’t have the intentions of doing these. The saying is true, "people hurt us accidentally even when they truly love us.." The corners of our room witnessed the quarrels we have. But at end of the day, we can’t sleep without resolving the conflicts. After all the tears I shed to express my deepest emotion and the heartbreak he felt as he listens to all my complaints, we choose to hold on.. cause we know, that the love we still have for each other will help us mend our broken hearts. We look forward resolving all the misunderstandings and find ways to bring back the harmony in our relationship. We believe that we could grow the seed of love we had planted before.
Amidst our busy life doing our work, parental obligations to our daughter, household stuff, fixing problems, we still find time to develop intimacy and companionship. There’s always a time for us to drop at the movie houses, go shopping, bring Celine to studio for a pictorial, eat street foods together (qwek-qwek, batal manok, fish ball), go to grocery to buy foodstuff, and set a time for dinner dates.

For a fruitful year with my husband, I came to know him better. I admired him for being patient of me, for providing us the security and support, for being the first one to raise the white flag during our disagreements, for being the first one to break down the barrier that blocks our hearts and souls to gain access to each other, and for being a good father to our daughter.

I thanked my God for giving me such a wonderful, loving, supportive husband. He is the "partner in life" I ever hoped, prayed and dreamed of, and my life has been abundantly blessed with his presence and love.

I look forward building our dreams together, raise our children to be a good child of God, and grow old together without getting tired of loving each other. We learned and we continue to learn as one mind, one heart, one soul, one body.

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