Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Baby Got Amoebiasis

The month of December is the most stressful month for me for the year of 2011. Not because of the holiday season, but being the weakest month of my baby. After her emergency trip to the hospital on December 9 to 13, 2011 because of gastroenteritis, her tummy got ache again on the third week of December. She got amoebiasis. Her stool remained soft after she got well from gastroenteritis. I was alarmed when I noticed streak of blood in her watery stool with mucoidal texture. Aside from that she is crying because of abdominal pain. I remember what her pediatrician told me when she was struck with amoeba when she was only seven months; green watery stool is an indication of infection. I hurriedly take her stool for Fecalysis so that her pediatrician could have the report for her check-up.

Fecalysis report showed the following:

Color: Yellowish
Consistency: Mucoid
Red Blood Cells: 3-5/hpf
Pus Cells: 18-20/hpf
Ova/Parasites: Entamoeba histolyca cyst 0-1/hpf

How it was treated?

1.      Her pediatrician gave her home medication of 5 ml, three times a day Metronidazole (Flagyl) for ten days to treat her parasitic infection and 2.5 ml, twice a day Antibiotic (Cefixime ) for seven days to treat bacteria infection.
2.      Soft diet for two weeks, like mashed potato. Greasy foods and fruit juices that trigger diarrhea are not allowed. Sweet foods like candies, chocolates and sweet drinks are also not allowed since sugar if the food of Amoebas.
3.      We wash her butt with warm water before going to sleep to alleviate redness due to frequent bowel movement.
4.      We let her drink yogurt and Gatorade since she does not like Pedialyte.
5.      The squash seeds (buto ng kalabasa) are good for treating Amoebiasis according to elders.

Thankfully, she was better after two weeks of medication. We had a repeat Fecalysis and the amoeba and bacteria are no longer present in her stool. To prevent this kind of parasite, frequent hand washing is recommended. Avoid eating street foods and drinking juices sold in the street. We also washed our hands with soap and warm water after washing my baby to avoid contamination. Although there are remedies for some illnesses, it is better to prevent it before our children will suffer.


  1. hello! my baby just got diagnosed with amoebiasis this month. I am very worried because she is still pooping even if she is taking amoebiacide. Is this normal? she has to take it for 7days and its only her 2nd day of drinking meds.

    1. hello (^^)
      I think it's normal. Wait for her medication to finish. My daughter's medication is 10 days, for one week she's pooping 4x a day..she only got hard stool after 10 days..i think the mashed potato also helped..
      Hope ur baby will get well soon.. (^^)

    2. Hi Maria & Marilyn,

      I am a first time mom & my daughter has been diagnosed with amoebiasis this Tuesday.
      Friday last week, she had fever & her diarrhea started. Went to the ER Saturday afternoon & was told that it's possibly a viral infection & we have to wait it out. We were asked to give her erceflora, pedialyte & ezinc. Sunday morning, her fever was gone. So here we thought she was getting better. Tuesday night,we noticed blood on her poop. We submitted stool for fecalysis & when the results came out, negative for ova/parasites. Still rushed to the ER & was told that it's amoebiasis because wbc & rbc was high & consistent in all 3 fecalysis results. She was asked to drink antibiotic (Flagyl for 10days).
      It's her 3rd day today & she her poop is still yellowish/greenish with traces of blood. Frequency of 3-4 poops per day.
      I'm really worried & about to get sick because of stress. It has been a week since her fever (although it was only till Sunday morning) & diarrhea started.
      I came across your blog & I'm a bit relieved.
      I guess I have to wait for the antibiotics to really work since we are not even halfway (3/10 days).
      For Maria, did it take a while before your baby's poop returned to normal? How long is the recovery period since taking the antibiotics?
      I hope you can enlighten me.

  2. My baby got diagnosed with amoebiasis after we shifted town. Very helpful page.. Thank you!

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