Saturday, April 25, 2015

My Pregnancy Story (How I Overcome My Recurrent Miscarriages)

Becoming pregnant is indeed a blessing from God. To know that you will be God’s instrument in giving a life to a little bundle of joy is a wonderful experience. How did I know? It’s because I had already experienced it five times. All of these pregnancies brought happiness to me. Getting pregnant made me happy, but staying pregnant is not that easy for me. 

I should be thankful, because my first pregnancy is a successful one. Thru normal delivery, I gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl in 2009. Unlike other expecting mothers, I did not experience labor pains. No vomiting, morning sickness and I feel good throughout the whole pregnancy. I thought my successive pregnancies would be easier and smooth sailing too, but I was wrong. 

In September 2010, two months before my first born turned one, I became pregnant again. I experienced brownish spotting and slight fever which is different from my first pregnancy. Later, we found out it was an ectopic pregnancy. That ectopic pregnancy resulted in the removal of my right fallopian tube in October 2010. 

After four months, I got pregnant again. By that time, I was really nervous afraid that it was another ectopic pregnancy. Thank God it was an intrauterine pregnancy. I thought after seeing an active baby with a healthy heartbeat in the ultrasound, I would carry the pregnancy to full term. But I was wrong; my third pregnancy has not been that easy. Aside from the subchorionic hemorrhage noted in the ultrasound, I experienced having light greenish discharge. Pap smear result was normal. Then, my OB-Gyne’s reliever diagnosed that I have urinary tract infection after having urine test. She prescribed antibiotics for seven days. But then, at twelve weeks ultrasound after experiencing spotting, the baby lost its heartbeat. I waited for the baby to come out and had a natural miscarriage. It was really heartbreaking to see my little baby, lifeless and fragile. My OB-Gyne suspected it was due to chromosomal abnormality. 

I never thought that having miscarriage really hurt. Some people say I should be thankful that at least the baby died before I bore it. But then, it still hurts even if I did not have the chance to carry her on my arms. My OB recommended giving my body to rest for at least six months before trying again. After ten months of recovery from physical and emotional pain, we tried again. As usual, I don’t have problem in conceiving even though I only have one fallopian tube remaining. It was April 2012 when I found out I am pregnant again. I am still optimistic hoping that my last miscarriage was only due to chromosomal abnormality.  Like my last miscarriage, ultrasound showed again subchorionic hemorrhage. I was on Duphaston since I’m on the fourth week of pregnancy. Everything was fine in my first trimester. I was even thankful that I surpassed the first twelve weeks. That pregnancy brought so much hope for us. We even found out that I’m expecting for a baby boy during my 14 weeks ultrasound. We decided to give him the name “Justine”. I and husband thought the baby was really meant for us because already surpassed the first twelve weeks and the subchorionic hemorrhage disappeared. We never expected on July 11, 2012 that we will lose the baby too. The day that I supposed to confirm his gender was the day we found out that Baby Justine was already gone. It was a very devastating experience and it was very hard for me to accept. Maybe that explain why at 18 weeks I can’t still feel his kicks. I was induced on July 13, 2012. I was on labor pain from 4 PM to 12AM. I felt an unbearable pain which hurts more because of emotional pain. It hurts more when you know that you will give birth to a sleeping baby. I can’t explain the feeling. After that 3rd miscarriage, I was suspected of having Antiphospolipid Antibody Syndrome or APAS. 

My OB GYne advised me to undergo APAS testing in order to detect what causes my recurrent miscarriage. We were informed also that this test might be costly, as well as the treatment. I decided to give my body a rest. I transferred to another OB, Dra. Arlene Pineda Rodriguez, whom my officemate referred to me. I was advised to take Folic and Iron before getting pregnant again.

By May 2013, ten months after my last miscarriage, I experienced recurrent stomachache, which was later diagnosed as acid reflux. I was advised to take medication (Omeprazole) for the treatment of my acid reflux. I enrolled in a law school in June to occupy myself.

Around June 2013, I was always feeling sleepy, until I noticed that I am already five days late. Knowing that I am pregnant again made me happy but the fear that I might lose the baby again is still there. My OB advised me to take prenatal vitamins like Obimin and Terraferon, and to prevent miscarriage again, she  gave me Duphaston, Isoxilan and Aspirin. My ultrasound reports showed an active baby without subchorionic hemorrhage. However, this pregnancy was not that easy because at 4 months I experienced early contractions and abdominal cramping. So my OB put me on a strict bed rest and filed for 3 months leave. 

We thank God for His insurmountable love. After three consecutive miscarriages, I was diagnosed as suspected APAS patient. Becoming pregnant again was not that easy.. emotionally, physically, financially.. Yet God is so good..He blessed and guided me throughout my high risk pregnancy (pre-term labor, gestational diabetes, blood clotting issues). Meet our rainbow baby, our second princess..Cielo Krislyn, born on 02/04/2014 weighing 8.8 lbs (4.0 kgs), at 37w6d. Thank you Lord for blessing us with another beautiful, healthy princess.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Little Flower Girl

 It was an honor to become a part of the union of two beautiful couples. Last Saturday, we attended the wedding of my husband’s cousin Mark with Dothy, with Celine as one of the flower girls. 

We just came in time, at exactly 2:45 PM when the wedding entourages were getting ready for the march.

I love the fresh flower hairdress given to the flower girls. It fits with the hairstyle I made for Celine.

As usual, Celine makes us proud when she graciously walked down the aisle with her sweetest smile. She even stops to pose every time the photographers take a photo of her. 

My little flower girl did an amazing job especially when flower girls were called for a picture with the newly wed. I am thankful she did not burst in tears like the other flower girls. Instead, she confidently sat beside the bride with her prettiest smile and perfect pose. We’re so grateful for having such a pretty and smart little princess. That is why I never miss any chance of witnessing her every special moment in life.

After the vows, Celine enjoyed bonding with her uncles, aunts and cousins.

It was a simple yet a beautiful wedding and we were glad to become part of it. And I am glad Celine enjoyed being a flower girl for the lovely couple.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

School is Cool, My Toddler is Now Ready for School

Part of being a mom is to be the first teacher of her child. It was a fulfilling experience to teach your child and witness every milestones of her life.  From teaching her how to talk, walk, dance, sing, and give you hugs and kisses, we should also prepare her how to be independent once she's ready to wear that backpack and meet other children of her age, which usually happens in her nursery school.

My child is already three and a half years old. I decided to enroll her to a summer class, not to push her to learn letters and numbers or be academically superior, but to improve her social skills and give her the freedom that she deserves. Leaving her in her classroom is not that difficult, because I can see how she prefer to be with other kids than to stay the whole day at our house with her nanny alone.

The summer class is a one month program for kids below four years old to prepare them for the coming school year. I am so proud that she was able to finish it without any absences. Her teacher told me that my little toddler enjoys school so much. I am now sharing some of the things she learned from school:

To TutorBright is to prepare for your child's brighter future.

 1. On her first day of summer class, she learned how to become independent. Being able to finish the two-hour class without crying is a big accomplishment for my little one because it is a good sign that she is ready to face the world.

2. She learned to be confident. My daughter is a shy type girl when it comes to strangers and other people. Schooling helped her boosts her confidence and overcome her shyness.

3. Having perfect score in her school activities is what I don't really want to instill in her, but to know that nobody is perfect. I am proud that she is doing well in school but I always tell her that I am still proud even if she's not perfect as long as she's doing her best and the right thing.

4. Becoming patient. Toddlers have a very short attention span. My daughter gets easily tired of doing things repeatedly. School activities practices her patience. She also learned that there is reward for every hardwork that she did.

5. Last but not the least, she learned the value of friendship. The most important lesson she learned is how to value other people, to share what she have and to enjoy school with them. The greatest reward she received is the friendship. :)

Every parent asks themselves what should their little one should learn in their preschool at their young age. For me, these are the priceless things that contribute to her childhood. She may not still mastered the numbers or the letters, but I believe that every child has their own pace of learning. They will able to learn numbers and letters later as they grow. What I don't want my child to miss are the childhood memories that will help her develop her emotional, physical, social and intellectual skills. Play is an important part of their life. That is why I am glad that she enjoys going to school, and for her, school is cool. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

My Little Beauty Princess

Since my baby loves to imitate the little girls of the “Little Miss Philippines”, I let her join the Little Mutya ng Parokya (Little Miss Parish) in my hubby’s hometown. It was a beauty & talent contest for kids 4-8 years old. Although my baby was barely three, she was qualified because of her charm and she looks big at her age. I believe this contest will enhance her talent, boost her confidence and develop her social skills. Every weekday she’s left with her nanny, and she has no playmates since she’s our only child. Joining this contest is also an opportunity to meet other kids and socialize with them.

At first I was nervous because during the practices and rehearsals she doesn’t want to speak and ramp on the stage. She surprised us during the final contest when it was her turn. Even the other contestant’s moms were also surprised because they never expected that she will speak, ramp and do her talent portion. I have come to realize that it was only when she is dressed-up that she wants to be in action. Yes, I was really a proud mom when she blew kisses and impressed the audience with her cute smile, witty answers and entertaining dance portion. She really caught the crowd’s attention not only because she was the youngest among the contestants but also because of her cute innocent moves.

It was really an exhausting day because of mixed nervousness and excitement. But it’s all worth it; she brought home the 2nd Runner-up title and People’s Choice Award.

You always make your mommy and daddy proud baby. Stay beautiful and I know you will grow with beautiful heart too. 

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Terno Moments: Fashionable Way of Bonding with Baby

Who says we have to stop our fashion addiction once we gave birth? Becoming a mom is a great chance to enjoy fashion.  We are even luckier because we already had our partner in dressing-up- yes, our cute baby.
I started buying terno dress for mom & daughter since my baby is 7 months old, then when it was her 2nd birthday. At first, we only wear terno moments occasionally. But when I discovered online sellers of affordable terno mom & daughter clothes, I became addicted that I order clothes almost every week. These online sellers are selling fashionable & comfortable outfits at an affordable price.
1st time to wear terno shirt (from Guess)

2nd time to wear terno outfit (Celine's 2nd B-day)- dress from Purple Candy

I enjoy our fashionable moments together wearing our terno outfits. Not only that I feel more attached to my baby, it’s also easier for me to think what clothes we should wear in every occasion. It was really fun to have mommy terno moments with my little one especially when I see how happy she is when we go out together wearing terno. Also, people can easily recognize that we are mother & daughter because of our matching outfits. 
Here are some of our terno moments together (^^)

Our kids are only young once, that is why I don’t want to miss the opportunity to bond with her thru fashion. Because once she grew-up, I am not sure if she still like to wear terno dress with me, haha (^^).

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My dearest baby angel Justine,

We (Mommy, Daddy and ate Celine) are supposed to confirm your gender tomorrow. Unfortunately, we were devastated to know that we will no longer have the chance to be with you anymore this December. It was really heartbreaking not to hear your heartbeat anymore…and to see you as a sleeping angel instead of an active kicking tiny angel in the ultrasound monitor.

Mommy is very sad that I can no longer feel your little kicks. It was really hard for me to let you go because I love you so much. Your 19 weeks of existence in my tummy brought so much happiness, dreams and hopes to us. I can’t help but cry when your ate Celine kissed you in my tummy unaware that you are gone. Everything I do reminds me of you.

We took extra care of you and prayed for you because we are all excited to have you..and we love you so much…but Papa Jesus may have another plan for us. I love you so much my baby Justine. Someday, I will have the chance to hold you in arms and kiss you. Please tell Papa Jesus to give us enough strength to overcome the pain of losing you.


July 13, 2012

My Pregnancy Story (How I Overcome My Recurrent Miscarriages)

Becoming pregnant is indeed a blessing from God. To know that you will be God’s instrument in giving a life to a little bundle of joy i...