Friday, April 29, 2011

Mommy Moments: BLack and White

celine @ 1st month with her Daddy
My heart beats faster whenever I see the two people whom I am in love with so deeply..-my hubby and my daughter..
I want my daughter to grow with a strong bond with her Daddy..I want her to grow with many meaningful moments with her father- to learn many things from him.
It is very important for my daughter to have this closeness with her Dad, for if she knows how to get along with her Dad, there is a big probability that she will know how to get along with her future husband.
Daughters learn about their relationship with opposite sex by watching their Mom and Dad.The value children received from their parents will mold their self-respect since children regards themselves as they think others regard them, and their father is an important person in their life.
As other says, daughter's female relationship is shaped by their early relationship with the first man who loved them- their Dad..

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mommy Moments: Summer Plans (Late Post)

I was not able to join the Mommy Moments Summer Plans last week due to missed abortion. I had vaginal bleeding last April 4 at my twelfth week of pregnancy. My transvaginal ultrasound result showed an 8 weeks 6 days embryo without heartbeat and my pregnancy was diagnosed as early embryonic demise. I did not undergo any operation since my body expelled the embryo, blood clot and placenta naturally. My OB-Gyne advised me that I am fit to work after a week of bed rest.

Of course it was a disheartening experience. But I have to move on. I know God has a better plan for us. I am just thankful that at lest God already gave us our daughter Celine and I believe that in the near future He will give us our second baby at the right time.

To forget the tragic experience, I have the following summer plans in mind to keep us busy this summer:

  • Cook my hubby’s favorite kare-kare
  • Prepare refreshing food for Good Friday (my hubby’s relatives will visit the house) and at the same time witness the crucifixion of the   Cutud crucifixion at Pampanga)
  • General cleaning of our house (hopefully the construction and finishing will be completed this summer)
  • Having more bonding time with hubby (probably watch movie with him) and baby Celine (practice walking with her and read storybooks with her)
  • I bought this summer outfit for my baby for our summer trips ( with her new Yaya)
  • Swimming with my family at Subic Sweet Water

I know it will be hard for me to enjoy the summer. But maybe God has a reason why this happened near the Lenten season.

This is my late post for Mommy Moments Summer Plans Edition.

Goodbye to Baby # 2.. Early Embryonic Demise...

When I saw those two purple lines on the pregnancy kit, I was overwhelmed that another angel  would come to fill our lives with love and happiness. But then I never thought that one day my heart would broke into pieces knowing that the baby we are expecting will never come. What even hurts is waking up every morning, and the moment I touch my tummy, I could no longer feel the life inside my womb that had given me the reason to hope, dream and live stronger once in my life.

The baby I am expecting on October 2011 will never come. Last April 4, I had vaginal bleeding. My ultrasound report at my twelve weeks pregnancy showed an early embryonic demise of an 8 weeks 6 days embryo with no fetal heartbeat.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Mommy Moments: Congratulations!

This week’s Mommy Moments theme is “Congratulations”.
Since the day I met husband, I already congratulated myself for being fortunate to be with my one true love. I had also congratulated myself when I was able to give birth to baby Celine thru normal delivery with just one push!
And today, I want to congratulate my hubby, my baby and I for all the blessings that God has gave us.

I am proud that finally we had moved to our new home although it is not yet fully finished..
Home sweet home (^^)

Congratulations to me for I will be a Mom again to our second child, to my hubby for he will be a Dad again to our second baby and of course to baby Celine, for soon she will be called “Ate”..
We're excited to see you bunso..

 And finally, after her first smile, first rollover, first time sitting up, first tooth, first solid food, first haircut and first steps, I want to congratulate my little Celine for her first eleven words! After her first birthday, her current list of vocabulary which she uses regularly are the following: Mommy, Daddy, Allona (name of her yaya), Lolo (Grandpa), Dede (Milk), Opo (Yes), Ate (Sister), Bebi (Baby), Tadtad (Chad chad, name of her cousin), Hi, and Byebye. And now she is fond of reading books..
Celine showing her teeth when she saw a toothbrush in the book

After all the congratulations, I give back my thankfulness to our God for all the blessings he is giving us.

Happy Mommy Moments!

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