Friday, June 24, 2011

Just Beautiful: Celine @ 18 Months

My baby Celine at 18 months:
1. Since my little princess started to walk, she is constantly moving. She began becoming very active that she doesn’t stop going until she breaks down in tears for a nap, bottle or food. I realize that it may be a little challenging now (and a little more draining taking care of her), but at some point, I am glad that my child is starting to explore the world and make friends easily with other kids.
2. My little princess is losing her chubby image, and is gradually forming into a young pretty girl.
3. She loves camera. She was all smiles and the cutest serious expressions!! She’s always game to pose and she allowed costumes to be arranged on her and was on cue when the camera pointed her direction. I don’t know what I liked best…her expressive eyes, her chubby cheeks or her great smile.
4. She has more words in her vocabulary. Everyday, we noticed that she’s saying new words everyday. (celine, susi, gatas, duyan, mommy, daddy, mhine, tudtud, papa, basa, taas, baba, teeth, babab (spongebob), ant, bitis, babay, chad-chad, carl, susan, allona, juice, shoes, one-two-three, pokpokpok, hila, didi, patay, charder (charger), baby, ahas,hi, moon, lalay, mamam (water), wow, fish, hello, pampers, opo, babu, kokak, teeth, tekt (sexy), nana (wala na), kiss and ate!

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