Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My dearest baby angel Justine,

We (Mommy, Daddy and ate Celine) are supposed to confirm your gender tomorrow. Unfortunately, we were devastated to know that we will no longer have the chance to be with you anymore this December. It was really heartbreaking not to hear your heartbeat anymore…and to see you as a sleeping angel instead of an active kicking tiny angel in the ultrasound monitor.

Mommy is very sad that I can no longer feel your little kicks. It was really hard for me to let you go because I love you so much. Your 19 weeks of existence in my tummy brought so much happiness, dreams and hopes to us. I can’t help but cry when your ate Celine kissed you in my tummy unaware that you are gone. Everything I do reminds me of you.

We took extra care of you and prayed for you because we are all excited to have you..and we love you so much…but Papa Jesus may have another plan for us. I love you so much my baby Justine. Someday, I will have the chance to hold you in arms and kiss you. Please tell Papa Jesus to give us enough strength to overcome the pain of losing you.


July 13, 2012


  1. Sorry for the loss sis. Is this why you've stopped blogging for quite some time? Praying for you and the little angel who now watches you and her sis all the time.

  2. Hello sis. Thanks for visiting my page.
    Yes sis..actually..
    It was really painful..and it took how many months for me to recover..
    Also, I transferred to another agency I work with because my former job reminds me of my last pregnancy. Buying terno outfits & bonding with my daughter helps me recover from loss little by little.. :)


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