Friday, September 20, 2013

School is Cool, My Toddler is Now Ready for School

Part of being a mom is to be the first teacher of her child. It was a fulfilling experience to teach your child and witness every milestones of her life.  From teaching her how to talk, walk, dance, sing, and give you hugs and kisses, we should also prepare her how to be independent once she's ready to wear that backpack and meet other children of her age, which usually happens in her nursery school.

My child is already three and a half years old. I decided to enroll her to a summer class, not to push her to learn letters and numbers or be academically superior, but to improve her social skills and give her the freedom that she deserves. Leaving her in her classroom is not that difficult, because I can see how she prefer to be with other kids than to stay the whole day at our house with her nanny alone.

The summer class is a one month program for kids below four years old to prepare them for the coming school year. I am so proud that she was able to finish it without any absences. Her teacher told me that my little toddler enjoys school so much. I am now sharing some of the things she learned from school:

To TutorBright is to prepare for your child's brighter future.

 1. On her first day of summer class, she learned how to become independent. Being able to finish the two-hour class without crying is a big accomplishment for my little one because it is a good sign that she is ready to face the world.

2. She learned to be confident. My daughter is a shy type girl when it comes to strangers and other people. Schooling helped her boosts her confidence and overcome her shyness.

3. Having perfect score in her school activities is what I don't really want to instill in her, but to know that nobody is perfect. I am proud that she is doing well in school but I always tell her that I am still proud even if she's not perfect as long as she's doing her best and the right thing.

4. Becoming patient. Toddlers have a very short attention span. My daughter gets easily tired of doing things repeatedly. School activities practices her patience. She also learned that there is reward for every hardwork that she did.

5. Last but not the least, she learned the value of friendship. The most important lesson she learned is how to value other people, to share what she have and to enjoy school with them. The greatest reward she received is the friendship. :)

Every parent asks themselves what should their little one should learn in their preschool at their young age. For me, these are the priceless things that contribute to her childhood. She may not still mastered the numbers or the letters, but I believe that every child has their own pace of learning. They will able to learn numbers and letters later as they grow. What I don't want my child to miss are the childhood memories that will help her develop her emotional, physical, social and intellectual skills. Play is an important part of their life. That is why I am glad that she enjoys going to school, and for her, school is cool. 


  1. So glad your daughter is doing well in school!

  2. My oldest just started preschool as well, and LOVES it, which makes me happy for her :) Like you, my main objective for enrolling her was for social interaction, any preparation for kindergarten is just bonus, I know she'll be fine with all of that :)

    Stopping by from Make my Saturday Sweet, Dawn from I Think We Could Be

  3. I'm glad you encourage her to do her best, but that perfection is not the aim. It's good not to compare kids and to let them grow into who they are meant to be. She's really lovely and her little friends are cute too! Thanks for linking on Amanda's Books and More!

    Tina at


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