Friday, May 6, 2011

Mommy Moments: Preggy Tales

5 hours after this picture was taken, my Baby Celine was born...

 I forgot to scan the big one, I just pictured this one from my wallet..

baby Celine at birth (3.3 kgs, normal delivery)

One of the hardest journeys yet the most fulfilling in my life is my pregnancy to my first born baby Celine. From the time I showed those two purple lines to my hubby up to the time I gave birth, my hubby was very supportive, thoughtful, and patient of my mood swings. Believe it or not, Celine was the product of our first time together- that’s why I know exactly the day she was conceived.
I considered the first trimester the most challenging one since I am still adjusting with the changes undergoing inside my body. I have been feeling physically exhausted and I even had a two-week bed rest because of mild cramps and spotting. I had taken prenatal vitamins, drank milk with folic acid and pampered myself with nutritious foods, vegetables and fruits.  
I am thankful that for the second and third trimester, I did not encounter any complications in my pregnancy.
On November 7, 2009, early morning, I dreamt that I already given birth to a baby girl. I told my hubby when I woke up to prepare the nursery bag since I have a strong feeling that our baby is coming. At twelve in the afternoon, I felt like my womb is contracting every 5 minutes. My OB-Gyne advised me to expect the baby as early as November 9, 2009 as my cervix is already soft. .Inspite of the labor pains, we were able to go to SM Great Image for a pictorial with my hubby. My husband brought me to the hospital at 4:45pm when the pain became more intense. I was dilated at 2cm when we arrived at the hospital. The OB was surprised when she found out that the baby was coming since I was already dilated at 8cm at 6pm. With only one push, Celine finally came out at 6:43pm. No words can explain how happy I am the first time I saw my baby... I took her small hands and held her tight.. very happy of the wonderful gift God has given me.. and a little bit nervous thinking I am already a mother to a very cute baby girl.

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  1. If I only knew I would stay in the labor room for almost a day, we would also have gone to have our picture taken. : ) Happy Mother's Day!

  2. You're so lucky you had an easy delivery, Mommy! Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. I had a rough first trim too. Glad it's over but it's worth it diba..

    My Preggy Tale, happy mother's day!

    PS.. May I invite you to join Nostalgia? It is every Thursday sis, you can read it at my MM post.

  4. true ... being pregnant and having a baby is the most fulfilling journey in a woman's life ...

    Happy mother's day!

    Here’s my preggytale

  5. Celine and Roey are of the same age. You're lucky to have given birth easily. Here's my MM . Hope you can also join Messy Go Round . Thanks and see you around.Happy Mother's day!

  6. Glad to know you haven't encountered any pregnancy discomfort sis. First trimester is always hard but its a part of the pregnancy challenge. We have to keep an eye for the reward. :) Come and see my Mommy moments here. Happy Mother's day!

  7. wow! that was easy.. if my deliveries were that easy i wouldn't have had tubal ligation when i was 28 years old, lol!

    a visit from Kimmy!

  8. wow, wished my deliveries were that easy! :d happy mommy moments!


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