Friday, April 29, 2011

Mommy Moments: BLack and White

celine @ 1st month with her Daddy
My heart beats faster whenever I see the two people whom I am in love with so deeply..-my hubby and my daughter..
I want my daughter to grow with a strong bond with her Daddy..I want her to grow with many meaningful moments with her father- to learn many things from him.
It is very important for my daughter to have this closeness with her Dad, for if she knows how to get along with her Dad, there is a big probability that she will know how to get along with her future husband.
Daughters learn about their relationship with opposite sex by watching their Mom and Dad.The value children received from their parents will mold their self-respect since children regards themselves as they think others regard them, and their father is an important person in their life.
As other says, daughter's female relationship is shaped by their early relationship with the first man who loved them- their Dad..

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  1. this is sooo sweet! lovely photo...visiting from mommy moments

  2. precious moments with the little one.. here is my Black and White

  3. so precious! A dad and his angel :)

  4. Priceless!

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  5. ooh, your daughter is such a cutie!

    Please look at my B/W world. You are welcome at my STREET anytime.

    Have a great mommy weekend!

  6. Very true...though Oedipus complex is sometimes taken negatively, I think it works in the advantage of our daughters having a strong bonding with their the future it is beneficial for them, when it's time to choose the person they will settle with. :)

  7. so sweet..I had a father-son tandem too for B&W it's here

    i'm a follower na pala..:)

  8. O agree with what you said about how her ralationship will affect her future,bec it's also the same with boyy and their mother, they said that if a boy have a good relationship with his mom, he will also have a good relationship with his wife.

    MommyMoments:Black & White

  9. oh... that was so sweet! thanks for sharing . you may want to check MINE..

  10. you are correct. the relationship between the two is very very important as it determines her future relationships :)

    very good post mommy!

  11. i agree! what a wonderful post.

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  12. she is so adorable; nice photos of father and child :-)!


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