Monday, January 30, 2012

My Little Toddler's New Play Area

As my little toddler grows fast and discovers her own body’s mobility, her activeness has become uncontrollable. She loves to run, climb and jump. Afraid that furniture might fall to her when she’s climbing it; I removed some of the furniture that is not fastened to the wall to prevent accidents. Childproofing is more important to me than the interior design of our home. So I rearranged her play area to a safer, more comfortable and more exciting look. I decided to put it in our master’s bedroom since she’s still sleeping with us and the other rooms have no air conditioner yet.
I placed the lightweight toys at her eye level. The hard ones were put on the lower portion to prevent her head from hard objects bump. I did not yet put her books in her play area, but I have a plan of putting the hard bound books at the lower portion also. Her other books which are easily torn will be kept inside a cabinet so she will ask for permission before getting them.
Although her play area is not that big, I felt a sense of fulfillment seeing my daughter happy with her new play area. I want to instill to her an orderly way of arranging her things. I support her for her love to her stuff toys knowing it will improve her emotional development. On the other hand, her books and other toys will develop her motor and mental skills.

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  1. this does look like a great arrangement for her :D good job mommy!

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