Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fireproof Marriage

Our marriage is not a perfect one. I and hubby have petty quarrels most of the time because of our differences. They say February is the month for "Love", yet it was on this month that our marriage has encountered another trial. I was deeply hurt..I feel like I was giving up. But after a few days of soul searching I finally made a decision, to never give up.
Running away is not the answer to problems that we encounter as wife. After the incident, I and hubby watched a movie together. It took me six hours downloading the full movie from YouTube but it's worth it. The movie was great and I would recommend this to every couple who strives hard in their marriage. "Fireproof" made us realized that we should never leave our partners especially on fire. As of now, we are trying hard to save our marriage, not only for our daughter, but also for ourselves. We are currently on the 8th day of the 40 days Love Dare.

Here is my message to hubby on Valentines Day:

You are not the ideal man I’ve been wishing for..
But you taught me what true love is all about..
Not on the happy moments that we have, but on situations when unconditional love grows deeply..
We’ve been through the ups and downs..
we fight like normal couples do…
you made me cry..
I made you cry..
But whenever these things happen…when the “worse” overshadows the “better”..I am clinging to what... I promised, not only to you but also to our God..the promise of commitment to love you until my last breath..
As we build our family, it is not the love that will protect our family..
Feelings come and go..but the commitment that we promised to each other will live forever in our mind, heart and soul..
With God’s guidance, I pray that He will continually bless our marriage and nourish it with love…
To the man who made me a mother..
To the person who gives me heartaches..
To the friend who’s willing to risk his life for me..
And to the husband I know will love me forever..
Happy Valentines Day..
I love you more.

Here are some of our pictures on Valentines Day:

This is also my share to Mommy Moments


  1. just hang on, your marriage may be rocky this time but at the end of the day let your love to each other be on top, late visit for mommy moment, i hope to see you at http://www.prettysinglemom.com/2012/02/granny-niece.html

  2. marriage is not just based on feelings but on commitment to God. it is hard to work out a marriage but if we put God in the center of it, He shall see us through,.

    You are right. Fireproof is a really good movie to watch. hope you guys would be able to go through the 40 days as thoroughly as possible.


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