Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Renewal of PRC License thru Fast ID

My expired PRC ID was finally renewed today. I and hubby went to PRC Manila for the renewal of my ID and for the registration of his new license. The experience on the renewal is faster today. I recommend for those professionals who lives in province to renew their license thru the Fast ID system of PRC so they can apply and get it the same day. Here are the steps I followed today (preferably applicable to CPAs):
1. Make sure that you will bring the following requirements:
    a. a photocopy of your old PRC license (bring also the original for verification)
    b. A total of P900 (P450 for fast ID and P450 for renewal). Since my ID was already 1 year and 1 month
        expired, I paid P600 (one-year expiration) for the renewal plus P30 for every one month expiration. So
        I paid a total of P1,080 for the renewal of my ID.
    c. one-piece passport size picture with name tag. There is a 1-minute ID express outside the PRC building
        just near the gate where you will only pay P80 pesos for 4 pieces passport pictures.
2. Get the application  for "fast ID" in the Information  booth on the left side of the entrance gate.
3. Proceed to Window 30 and submit the photocopy of your old PRC ID and the duly filled-up "fast ID" form
    for the assessment of fees. The assessor will then write the fees on the form.
4. Pay the assessed fees at the Cashier (Window 4 or 26 will do).
5. Proceed to the MegaData Express office located in the center of the lobby for your picture to be taken and for your application to be encoded.
6. Proceed to Window 30 and submit the portion of the form for PRC and show the Official Receipt. The designated hour to claim the renewed PRC ID will then be written on the claim stub.
7. Claim your ID at Window 31 after 2 hours. Since we arrived there at 8:30 and finished the steps in 9:00am, I was able to claim my new PRC ID at 11:00am. IDs can be claimed at 11:30am for those applications until 10:00am, beyond this time but before 2:30pm IDs can be claimed in the afternoon.

Hope the professional moms out there will be able to renew your PRC ID too without any hassle!


  1. I just renewed my license too! Buti nga aircon na sa loob. Dati kasi sobrang init talaga at matagal pipila.

  2. 6 yrs na expired prc ko, ibig ba sabihin 600X6? o 600 1 year, 60monthsX30php? tnxs

    1. If your license is expired for more than five (5) consecutive years, a refresher course is needed. Here’s an excerpt of the article from RA 9173:

      Article V, Section 26.
      “Requirement for Inactive Nurses Returning to Practice. – Nurses who have not actively practiced the profession for five (5) consecutive years are required to undergo one (1) month of didactic training and three (3) months of practicum. The Board shall accredit hospitals to conduct the said training program.”

  3. hanggang ngayon po ba pwede pa ung fast if?reply naman po kng oo..pls po..slamat po..

  4. hello, yes pwede pa po..
    heto po website ng prc..


    thanks for visiting my site..

  5. im not sure lang po dun sa mga ng-expire ng more than two years kc ung sa akin more than one year lang..
    P450 ung renewal fee, pero dahil more than one year expired P600 ung fee plus ung P30 for every one month expiration.
    Bka may bracket cla for every year how much to pay, then ung remaining months eh P30 each..Im not sure..

  6. question, can my mom renew my license?..i am working in abroad at the moment..

  7. @ jam: i think so, my hubby applied for the renewal of his civil engineering license thru PICE, so no need for personal appearance. He submitted passport sized pictures, a copy of his expired PRC ID and an authorization letter/special power of attorney allowing the bearer to renew in his behalf.Also, he filled-up the form for the application for renewal.

  8. Hi Marlyn. Thanks for this updated version of the PRC application procedure. It's very helpful to many professionals like us. I'll be renewing my license next month and I was looking for info about requirements, fees and procedures. I wanted to know what to expect when I get there because it helps speed things up. Good thing I chanced upon your site :-)

  9. hello
    ask lng if my bayad ba kung mag change status ako sa prc i.d ko

    1. meron po...check nyo po site ng prc for change of status..may petition pa for change in registered name due to marriage..

  10. I am not a Mom but just to answer some questions below.. my PRC license was expired 2003. I went to PRC yesterday but Fast ID was suspended, I'm not sure if it was just for yesterday only. Anyway, I paid 1,650 for the years 2004 to 2015 plus 230 pesos surcharge.

    Just disregard some inappropriate manners by PRC employees (like the one in window 13), maybe they are tired of answering the same questions from different applicant everyday but one thing they need to improve is to post visible step by step procedure on the walls eitheir for renewal or new registration.

    Pinoys are improving...Thanks for this blog it helps....God bless

  11. I got my license last 2000.Unfortunately, i wasn't able to apply for a PRC Id. what i have is only the certification for passing. what do i have to do to get an id? how much do you think will i have to pay, penalty and all? pls reply thanks

  12. can i renew and do change status at the same time?

  13. i called the PRC and the in-charge asked me my license expiration, license #, name... my total obligation including the renewal fee is (up to date) P2,390.00...

  14. what are the requirements for the change of status of prc id without my appearance, my husband will be the one to do it for me?

  15. http://tn.gov/mental/licensure/LicnsRenewalForm.pdfwww.tn.gov and
    Wonderful! So simple. Thanks for the info, you made it easy to understand. I am sure at least once in your life you had to fill out a form. I use a simple service http://pdf.ac/9KDqSm http://pdf.ac/9KDqSm for forms filling. It definitely makes my life easier!

  16. Hello. I just need to pick up my id but was wondering if i can bring my 5yo son inside? Thanks :)


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