Thursday, November 25, 2010

Celine Kirsten's 1st Birthday!

From the day I gave birth to my little princess Celine, November 7, 2009, my mind and body have been so busy thinking of what new things I must do to give her all the best I can. This year have flown by, and these past twelve months was really full of excitement for every milestones she achieves, happiness for every love I see in her eyes, and thankfulness to God for giving me the chance to experience to be a mother to my little one. She has changed me a lot..into a better person. My priorities have changed too, for I’m willing to do anything for her, and I will protect her with all my strength

We only turn one once, so I see to it that I’ll make Celine’s first birthday really special.

I personally made her birthday invitation while I was on leave ( maternity leave because of ectopic pregnancy). It took me so long to choose her birthday gown in SM Department Store at the Infant’s Section since I really want my princess’ beauty to stand out on her special day. I paired it with stockings and pink cutie shoes. Aside from the birthday gown, I bought also a tinker bell costume (with wings, magic wand and hair dress) which she will wear at the beginning of the party.

Hubby and I have chosen to celebrate our daughter’s first birthday at Fortune Hongkong Seafood Restaurant because of its aircon instead of renting an open space since Celine can’t withstand heat, and secondly, because the food in this restaurant is great. We’ve decided to order the balloons (water balloons, with string and pillar balloons for the stage), party hats, pabitin, clowns and birthday cake from only one source—the Polkashop Party Needs.

 Since the blowing of her birthday cake’s candle is one of the highlights of the party, I made sure that its design matches with her tinker bell costume. We went to Lailen’s Pastries to draw the design of the cake.

. Her Ninang Cath bought her mini-stuff toys to be given to the little baby guests. Hubby and I also bought assorted toys to be given as prizes to the kids who will win the games prepared by the clowns.

 We were so happy that an average of 155 guests attended the party. We were so overwhelmed to see our relatives, friends, officemates and neighborhood to come to the party for Celine and celebrate her first birthday with us.

We had such a wonderful day celebrating her birthday- playing games, watching magic tricks and uniting with each and everyone. Although Celine looks a little bit serious that day, I can feel that she loved seeing all of her family and being the center of attention.

After the party, Celine was really excited opening her birthday gifts. She had received 44 gifts in kind and P8,000! It’s amazing how the people around her truly love her, how they have set aside a piece of their time for her and what really counts is their presence.

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