Friday, November 26, 2010

Thank God It's Friday!

Thank God it’s Friday!! I’m glad that a long weekend is coming and the work week is over. November 29 has been declared a national holiday, so it’s a great chance for my family to plan for a family bonding time! My two months of maternity leave (September 23-November 22) have made my Fridays just like another day.

How’s my back to work days so far? Well, it was just like going back to work after holidays, my body’s already in office but my mind’s still on vacation, lol! I’m just glad that my officemates who was in charge of my accounts/clients have finished the tasks I left when I was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy. It’s been two months of resting, but still I lose weight because of lack of appetite.

Going back on my plan of family bonding, I have visited one website that had a list of good beach resorts and zoos which are good for our baby Celine. Tomorrow morning, me and my husband will buy food, swim wear and snacks for our trip to Subic. I hope this plan will come true, for if ever, it will be Celine’s first time to swim, to see dolphin shows and to experience interacting with different animals. I’m just glad that my Bhi-mine is willing to spend his time with us on Sunday.

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