Thursday, November 25, 2010


Somewhere back in time
You became a friend of mine
And day by day we've grown a little closer
You're my spirit to be strong
A friend when things go wrong
So I've written down these words to let you know

Loves grown deep, deep into the heart of me
You've become a part of me
Let us plant the seed and watch it grow
Loves grown deep, deep into the heart of me
You've become a part of me

Such music sung by Kelly Nolan made me reminisce of the past. That was the song I have chosen as the audio background of the slideshow I made and presented at the reception during our church wedding. Memories suddenly restored on my mind as I listen to the sweet music- our movie dates, lakeshore trips, dinner dates, valentine cards, bouquet of flowers, surprise gifts and all the efforts of my ex-boyfriend (presently my hubby) that made my heart melted.

I had played the music repeatedly to remember that intense feeling of love for my husband. Last May 31, 2010, we celebrated our first church wedding anniversary. Within a year of our marriage, many things happened.. a lot of things has changed.. Having our little angel Celine is the best thing that happened to us. She inspires us every moment of each day, her sweet smiles, her cute pictures on my desktop, her babbling sound that wakes us every morning, heart-melting milestones we witnessed, the love we see through her eyes, the comfort she feels as we cuddle her, and the trust she gives everytime her daddy throws and catches her in the air.

I could say that the first year of our marriage is a year of adjustment period. It is filled with ups and downs. We had encountered misunderstandings resolved through the love, commitment and patience for each other. These conflicts are expected since we are exactly opposite of each other. We were raised by two different families with different lifestyle, and way of upbringing and disciplining. These disagreements have formed spaces between the two of us. Both of us had experienced the feeling being rejected, ignored, insecure, unsupported, unloved, not respected, and unappreciated.. yet we didn’t have the intentions of doing these. The saying is true, "people hurt us accidentally even when they truly love us.." The corners of our room witnessed the quarrels we have. But at end of the day, we can’t sleep without resolving the conflicts. After all the tears I shed to express my deepest emotion and the heartbreak he felt as he listens to all my complaints, we choose to hold on.. cause we know, that the love we still have for each other will help us mend our broken hearts. We look forward resolving all the misunderstandings and find ways to bring back the harmony in our relationship. We believe that we could grow the seed of love we had planted before.
Amidst our busy life doing our work, parental obligations to our daughter, household stuff, fixing problems, we still find time to develop intimacy and companionship. There’s always a time for us to drop at the movie houses, go shopping, bring Celine to studio for a pictorial, eat street foods together (qwek-qwek, batal manok, fish ball), go to grocery to buy foodstuff, and set a time for dinner dates.

For a fruitful year with my husband, I came to know him better. I admired him for being patient of me, for providing us the security and support, for being the first one to raise the white flag during our disagreements, for being the first one to break down the barrier that blocks our hearts and souls to gain access to each other, and for being a good father to our daughter.

I thanked my God for giving me such a wonderful, loving, supportive husband. He is the "partner in life" I ever hoped, prayed and dreamed of, and my life has been abundantly blessed with his presence and love.

I look forward building our dreams together, raise our children to be a good child of God, and grow old together without getting tired of loving each other. We learned and we continue to learn as one mind, one heart, one soul, one body.

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