Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Merrier Christmas with my Family..

I was not able to update my blog these past few days since the start of the holiday vacation due to busy schedule.

Last Christmas 2009, we spent our Christmas at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Medical Center. It was the most disheartening Christmas I ever experienced because my precious baby Celine was admitted to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit due to neonatal sepsis. But God is so good. I thank my Father in heaven whose mercy is insurmountable. My little one has recovered quickly. Her doctor informed me that the infection is not deadly and that my baby’s body was responsive to the antibiotics given to her. The joy that Celine brings in my life is so priceless. No word, phrase, or sentence can describe the intensity of the feeling.

Celine wearing her red dress for Christmas
Celine opening her gifts
I am thankful to God that our Christmas 2010 was a merry one. We spent our Christmas 2010 Eve at my hubby’s hometown in Apalit wherein a Christmas Party was being held by the Mercado Clan. Although there is a saying that “there is no place like home” (I am referring to the home where I grew-up), still I have enjoyed the games they prepared and the food was great specially the lechon.  Everybody was really excited to cuddle our little princess since she was the only little girl in her generation.

Not in the mood.. an ordeal of teething.. But still cute!

Yummy lechon! Take good care of my heart!

Hephep! Hurray! Go Bhi-mine!
Compared to the Christmas last year, I am happier now since this was the time I felt the essence of Christmas as a mom and wife. Last year was a little bit sadder since my hubby celebrated it in Apalit (he told me he has a feeling that it will be the last Christmas with his Mom, and it was true). Before Christmas I and hubby were occupied buying presents for everyone. I bought a Nike polo shirt for him while he was busy looking for a gift for Kuya Rico (his brother-in-law). He was surprised when I gave it to him because he never thought I would give him one more gift aside from the sporty shorts I bought for him. I let him read the Christmas Card I prepared for him at exactly 12 midnight. That was a romantic moment. I was surprised too to receive a Guess wallet from him! I admire him for being so thoughtful and for exerting effort to make me smile.

Surprise gift from hubby.. Love it!!

My cutie princess and the christmas tree

With her uncles from Tarlac

We also visited my parents in Tarlac City after Celine finished her “pagmamano” (tradition in Filipino wherein the younger ones put the hands of the older ones to their forehead as a sign of respect). Of course, I am so overwhelmed that we celebrated Christmas with our families in Apalit and Tarlac.

I am looking forward to celebrate more Christmas with my hubby and my baby Celine. Maybe next year, we will be celebrating it in our new home-a home which we will build with dreams, love and hope.

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