Thursday, April 14, 2011

Goodbye to Baby # 2.. Early Embryonic Demise...

When I saw those two purple lines on the pregnancy kit, I was overwhelmed that another angel  would come to fill our lives with love and happiness. But then I never thought that one day my heart would broke into pieces knowing that the baby we are expecting will never come. What even hurts is waking up every morning, and the moment I touch my tummy, I could no longer feel the life inside my womb that had given me the reason to hope, dream and live stronger once in my life.

The baby I am expecting on October 2011 will never come. Last April 4, I had vaginal bleeding. My ultrasound report at my twelve weeks pregnancy showed an early embryonic demise of an 8 weeks 6 days embryo with no fetal heartbeat.


  1. hi! also felt the same way when i had an ectopic pregnancy exactly 2 years ago! Let us just think that God has a reason why it happened!

  2. you're right, actually before this miscarriage i also had an ectopic pregnancy six months ago (three months before i got pregnant with this miscarriage).
    but i'm hopeful that someday we'll have our second baby.. (^^)


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