Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Family Bonding in Subic

It was a great weekend with my Bhi-mine and Celine, a weekend full of fun, family bonding and happiness.. It’s my long awaited out-of-town trip with my family. It was Celine who first woke up (I wonder if she’s already aware that we are going to Subic). We packed-up our things and left the house at exactly seven in the morning. Our almost two-hour travel to Subic was worth since we enjoyed the fascinating shows of Ocean Adventure’s marine animals- dolphins, sea lions and whales- packed with action, comedy, conservation message and interesting information.

Ocean Adventure is located in Ilanin Bay inside Subic Zambales. We followed the following Park schedule:

  1. The Adventures of Olongapo Jones @ the Seaside Stadium (9:30am)
Celine was truly amazed of the bouncing Basura Boys!! She also loved the Co-Eco Rangers of Olongapo Jones, Pawee and Leila.
  1. Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show @ the Nautilus Theater ( 10:15 am)
The crowd enjoyed the fascinating tricks of the sea lions. We were also educated on how to protect these marine animals and how to conserve them. While watching the show, Celine was busy sipping my mango shake! She really enjoyed the sour and sweet taste of the mango.
  1. Dolphin Friends Show @ the El Capitan Theater  (11:00am)
This is the show where Celine was delighted most. She keeps on pointing at the dolphins while doing their antics. She almost cried when the show has ended because she could no longer see the dolphins in the water anymore.
  1. Walk on the Wild Side @ the Eco Theater (11:45 am)
We were fascinated with the amazing ability of the Aeta to build and light a fire without matches, and to create a variety of utensils and tools from bamboo.

                               After the Ocean Adventure experience, we had our lunch at Reyes Barbecue.

Then, we headed to Oceanview Beach and Resort. Since it took us two hours looking for a nice beach, it was already 4pm when we check-in at the Oceanview Hotel. As expected, Celine’s first time to swim was not that easy. When her Daddy swims her in the water, she turned into a blue-tinged, shivering baby. Maybe because babies are not good in controlling their temperature, and they don’t move much in water. At nighttime, Celine enjoyed watching us (her Dad and I) swimming and playing on the beach.

                                   It was a wonderful day, with wonderful persons in my life…

The next morning, we take pictures by the seashore.. wrote our name in the sand.. and went home with smile in our hearts..

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