Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Movie Dates with Hubby

Having movie dates with hubby is one of my ways of finding time for ourselves alone, to relax, laugh and develop our intimacy towards each other. It is very important to nurture our marriage since we are our child’s inspiration to know the meaning of family, love and respect.

We always have time, usually every two weeks to watch movie together, and one of the movies we usually wait is the Twilight Saga. I am so excited to watch it next week with hubby. Though we are exactly opposite in our personalities, I am happy that we do have one thing in common: we love to watch movies especially those famous books that are turned into blockbuster movies. We enjoy watching Harry Potter, Twilight, The Lord of the Rings, Schindler’s List and other Greek mythologies characters.

Since being a mom and wife makes me busy, I am glad that through these movie dates, we find time to know the famous people and events when we don’t have the time to read books and newspapers. Turning famous books and events into movies helps us to have an in-depth understanding of the characters and events.

Although some of these movies do not necessarily reflects my real life, I admit that sometimes these influences me in some of my decisions. No wonder I accepted hubby’s proposal when he told me “You are my life”, so sweet. And I am looking forward that after watching this “Breaking Dawn”, he might tell me “No measure of time with you will be long enough, so let’s start with forever.”

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  1. yeah..agree ako jan..and I admire those couple na still dating kahit na may mga anak na..I also salute your husband for that..I wish to find my man din na same kami ng interest...
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    Have a nice day mommy!

  2. yap, it's important that you keep the quality time with hubby kahit pa super busy with kids ^^

    visiting you back for WW. thanks for visiting my entry :)

  3. wow, that's good that you got something in common sis. ang sweat naman at magmovie date kayo next week. :) visiting from Wednesday Whites.

  4. Oh, sweet!!! How was the movie?

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  5. awww that was a sweet date, how was the movie? Dropping some love for Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the favor too.


  6. Thanks all for the comments!
    We watched it last night! That was a heart-melting movie.. I can feel how Bella feels...if I were in her shoes, I will save my baby too..
    I love Edward and Jacob too!!
    kaso nkakabitin..hihi

  7. Hi Marlyn! welcome to WW! thanks for joining! Hubby and I love to watch movies, too! it;s one thing we have in common but our choices are way too different so this is where the "give and take" comes in. haha!! thanks for sharing! see you next week!

  8. It's always good to spend quality moments with the one you love despite the toxic scheds.

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    See yah!


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