Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sleep Apnea Awareness

It is just wonderful seeing a family sleeping together. Bedtime is one of my favorite bonding moments with my husband and my toddler. I love to feel their warm body, smell their breath, and feel how secure I am with my husband’s arms and to let my baby feel how secure she is beside us.

There is one thing that bothers me whenever we sleep, the snoring of my husband and sometimes my little toddler. I wonder if they have what they call sleep apnea. Although I am already immune with my husband’s snoring, I am concern if this snoring is a health problem. I want to be aware of this problem so I googled about this sleeping order. I found out that there are three kinds of sleep apnea: central, obstructive and mixed. The common symptoms to be aware of are the excessive daytime sleepiness, loud snoring, episodes of stopped breathing during sleep and shortness of breath that awakes you.

My husband usually snores when he is drunk and tired at work. He has also gained weight. We will consult with our company’s retainer physician about his snoring. Being a wife and a mom I should not be ignorant with the common disorders I observed with my husband and baby because these may lead to health problems.

As one of the famous quotes says:
There is no capital more useful than intellect and wisdom, and there is no indigence more injurious than ignorance and unawareness.

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