Saturday, November 26, 2011

Which is Better?

Part of being a working mom involves the decision making and setting of priorities.  Every moment, you always look for the better options. The process of decision-making doesn’t end after choosing the man you married. Along the way you will ask yourself which is better? Breastmilk or formula? Hiring a nanny or asking mother’s assistance? Avent or Playtex?  Hollister or Abercrombie? And for everyday housekeeping even the brands to use and products to cook are considered.
But the hardest thing to decide is setting priorities. You have to choose between career and family. Of course, family is always first. But there comes a time when opportunities come having the equal opportunities and risks. I have to decide which road I should take. Which is better:  staying on my current job in a government bank where benefits are good with guaranteed security for my family and our future but my career growth is hanging, or transferring to a government agency as an auditor where the opportunity for career advancement awaits me but the benefits are not as good as my present job? It’s really hard to decide when you know that in any road you’ll choose to take, there is no turning back. In my present situation, I and my husband works in the same company, so I am comfortable knowing that we are together 24/7. But what if choosing the new job will solve our financial issues? Choosing the new one will give me the chance to shine unlike with the present job where there is slow promotion. 
I already know which way to go. But I still have doubts with my decision and I am afraid of the possible consequences. If I want to follow my heart, I want to stay. But if I want to provide a better future for my family I will choose the new job. I chose to stay with the lifestyle I used to have, but I want my husband and daughter to be proud of me. I am praying now to God for his guidance in choosing the right one. But I hope for the one that is best for my family.

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