Friday, November 18, 2011

Celine's 2nd Birthday: Simple Dora-Themed Birthday Party

My little toddler turned two last week. First I was hesitant to celebrate her birthday with a party since our friends told us that birthday parties are only for 1st, 7th and 18th birthdays. They said, it is not necessary for us to prepare a party since they will forget it later considering that they are still young. Our first plan is to celebrate it by just buying her a cake, let her blew it and eat outside. But then, I realized, it really matters if I put effort on preparing for her birthday even with a small budget. She may not remember that party, but I will remember those joyful eyes and smiling face as she enjoys blowing her cake while her visitor kids are singing the Happy Birthday song. It is not important if she forgot that I prepared something for her in her birthday later on. My baby is smart, I can see in her eyes as she looks at us that she is grateful for preparing a simple party for her, to let our friends and relatives know how thankful we are to have our daughter in our lives.
I just made her birthday card and invited friends thru Facebook

My toddler’s birthday party is not as lavish as her first birthday. It was just an inexpensive Dora themed party at home which is fun-filled and memorable. I just invited some immediate family members, close friends, close officemates with their toddlers too and some of our close neighbors.
Party favors, game prizes, and candies

Bought a mother-daughter outfit at SM Dept Store Purple Candy

I love this cutie pic!

See how happy she is celebrating her birthday??

Thanks to Ate Susan for helping us prepare the food, .

With her cousins..

She knows how to blow the cake, but she can't stop it burning!

Auntie & Uncle Ruben with my Sis-in-law

Relatives from her Dad's side..

With Tito Verick..Opening the gifts..

The kids enjoyed that "pabitin"

My dancing princess Celine with her cousins

one of our neighbors

Close office friends

Mother-daughter outfits!

Improvised seats!


Still energetic!

She got tired! hihi
 For my daughter on your birthday:
I thank God for giving me the privilege to bring you into the world. No words can express how much I am blessed that God has chosen me to take care of you little one. I don’t know how to be a perfect mom, but the everyday moments with you teaches me how to be a better person. Your birth has really made a big difference in my life. You awaken my heart to feel the unconditional love I never felt before. Time is really fast, I am proud of the smart and beautiful child into which you have blossomed. Today, I celebrate the day I gave birth to you…and as long as I breathe I will never stop celebrating everyday that I have you.

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  1. Wow! Cutiepie! Happy 2nd Birthday Celine! I bet you enjoyed your party. :)

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  3. What a lovely party for your adorable little darling! Happy MM! Here's my entry:

  4. What an adorable girl you have there! So cute! And that birthday photos tell me that everyone had a last! NicE! :)

    Dropping by for Mommy Moments!

    A Pedi for a Stressed Mommy

  5. it is a good thing you decided to celebrate it or have a mini birthday party for her..

    as others may say she will not remember it but we're in a digital age now and you can always document everything through pictures and videos and when she grows up she can rekindle the memory with those documentations...

    visiting for MM!

  6. happy birthday to your little girl! :d wonderful theme too....

  7. Wow!! Such a cutie pie daughter you have. She looks so sweet in her outfit. Your efforts are really commendable. The Dora theme is simple but perfect for my daughter’s birthday party too. Will throw her party at one of NYC venues. Hope she gonna love everything there.


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