Friday, October 28, 2011

Mommy Moments: My Favorite Photos

Pictures help us to remember the beautiful memories we don't want to forget. Pictures help us to create legacy to our future generation, so they will have a visual perception of their family history. Here are some of the pictures I really love to share with my fellow moms for the Mommy Moments: Mommy's Favorite Photos:

This is our first family picture..

May this picture reminds my daughter how much I love her

So adorable!

She really looks like Dora here!

So pretty in yellow..proud to be a Filipina baby..

Taken at Lakeshore, Pampanga.. a very special love..

Hope you enjoyed viewing the pictures!


  1. I love that Dora look-alike picture! So cute! You really have an adorable little darling! Happy MM! Here's my entry:

  2. Ang supercute ng baby mo! chubby cheeks!

  3. I love the Dora Pic and the Philippine flag shirt, gave me an idea for my daughter...thanks for sharing!

    photos are reminders of the past that will never really come back and you have captured them so nicely!

    happy MM!

  4. Ehehehe... Ang kyut ni baby! Gosh, all of her poses are adorable! She is so precious! Indeed, she is dearly loved! :)

    Visiting late for MM! Hope you don't mind. :)


  5. beautiful photos mommy :D ang sarap tingnan talaga ng ganitong photos :D


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