Monday, December 19, 2011

Cartoon Themed Christmas Party

We had our Office Cartoon Themed Christmas Party on December 16. It was a perfect time for us to celebrate Christmas, chill for a while and get together for a fun-filled party.

This is me portraying Cinderella..
office staff
Our Boss as Zorro

Thei as Supergirl

Joy as Tinkerbell

Lizel as Sleeping Beauty..

Princess Fiona

Sexy Superman

Princess Jasmine

Wilma of Flinstones

Little Red Riding Hood


Iron Man

Snow White

Minnie Mouse



Alice in Wonderland

Lara Croft

The party was a successful one. Everybody enjoyed the games, presentations, exchange of gifts and raffle draws.  It was also filled with laughter and humor as we portray our chosen characters. Our boss who played as Zorro danced with his dance instructor, Batman became sexy Superman, Sleeping Beauty awaken from nightmare, she thought she has symptoms of sleep paralysis when Zorro attempted to kiss her and Princess Fiona's funny facial expression.
Christmas is a memorable time of the year, a great occasion that should be enjoyed to the fullest. Next year, we are planning for a Christmas party featuring the Hollywood popular artists.

This is my share for Colorful Weekend


  1. that's a fun theme! you get to play dress-up!

  2. Bagaya ka naman pala maging Cinderella, sis:) Cool party..

    Visiting for CW! Hope you can visit mine too..

  3. Really got caught up looking at the superhero photos. :D You look very sleek as Cinderella


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