Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Importance of Having Pets At Home

We have a new puppy at home. It took us a week to think of its name. We tried to call her with the names of popular women since our new puppy is a female puppy. But then, our little toddler called her “Chavit”. Although it sounds like a male name, our little puppy responds with that name whenever our daughter calls it.

My officemates are hesitant to have a pet at their own homes because of the fear that it might bite their children. But for me, I think pets can contribute to a child’s development. Kids learn the sense of responsibility by taking care of their pet. Whenever parents are not around, they are the one responsible to feed and clean them. Having pets at home develop also the social interaction of children. As everyone knows dogs are man’s best friend; usually our kid’s first friend is their pet dog. Dogs teach our kids lessons in life, like the concern for everything that has life, and the sympathy for animals. Even movies’ featuring famous dogs teaches them moral lessons. That is why I let my little toddler interact with our new puppy with our supervision. I can see how happy she is whenever they play together.

Whatever kind of dogs it is, any type of breed or size, what is important is we should be the role model to our children on how to be responsible with our pets, how to take care of them and how to treat them just like our own friends.

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  1. Having a pet home also is a great company when nobodys home and they just sometmes make you feel better if you are sad and upset. I dont have pets myself, but would love to have one when i can.


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