Saturday, December 3, 2011

Finally..I've Got My Driver's License!

After two weeks of a refresher practice driving, I finally got my driver’s license at LTO. I had already undertaken practice driving at a driving school in 2008 when I was still single. I was not able to get my driver’s license then since I got married after three months, gave birth after nine months, maternity leave for two months and focused on being a working mom for two years. Finally after those special moments in my life, my husband set a time for refreshing me again of driving a manual car. The difference between my practice driving before I get married and after is that I am more cautious now than before. Maybe because I think that if I will not drive in a prudent manner, I will never have the chance to take good care of my daughter for longer years. I am afraid that nobody can take my place if ever something bad happens to me.

Having a driver’s license is both a privilege and a responsibility. To acquire it is not that easy. Learning to drive a manual is hard for beginners. It is like learning the difference between speed vs velocity when I was still in high school. Speed is how fast you are, while velocity is speed with direction. You must be aware of your speed and at the same time with the direction where you are going. After learning the basics in driving such as starting, maneuver, gear shifting, hanging on hill, parking and driving on traffic, you will still have to undergo drug and medical test. After that, you will also take the written and practical exam at the Land Transportation Office. I am lucky that I got 38 out of 40 in the written exam. To be able to pass for a non-professional driver’s license, you need to get at least a score of 30. The importance of taking the exam is to study by mind and heart the traffic laws and rules of road to prevent car accidents.

Understanding the speed limits, traffic signs, feeling the car’s engine, and becoming aware of the other vehicles on the road as well as the pedestrian is really scary and intimidating for me as a beginner. Thanks to my husband who has been patient teaching and guiding me in driving.

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  1. My guess is that nine times out of ten it's probably the last choice, or it could be road rage.


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