Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary Bhi-mine

I am insufficient expressing myself in words. I want to thank you for loving me anyway.
Time flies so fast. Many things happened in our two years together as husband and wife- good and bad things. But whether it is good or bad, I am glad that we are still together, our marriage is firm no matter how many trials have passed our way. I thank God for bonding us always together-believing in the true love that he planted in our relationship. I thank God for all the blessings he gave to our family.
Our second year together is a fruitful one. Our family is growing. Firs we have Celine, and now we are expecting for our second angel to come this October. We are fortunate also that finally we have our own “home”. I am looking forward continue building our dreams together as one and raising our family through the guidance of God.
We’ve grown together for these two years, and I’m looking forward to maturing more with you.
Happy Anniversary Bhi-mine.

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