Thursday, March 10, 2011

Money or Basket (Pera o Bayong?)

So cute!
Wondering why my little one was put on a shopping basket (or bayong in Tagalog)?
It was a superstitious belief that when your child is having a younger sibling, he/she should be put on a basket and sell  her/him to the neighborhood so that she will not always have tantrums and to prevent the miscarriage of the coming baby.
In the Philippines, superstitious beliefs became part of the everyday life especially during occasions.
We inherit those beliefs from our parents and grandparents. They follow them although sometimes things are just coincidences. Some of my friends, including me, follow some of these superstitions to make the occasions more exciting. When I was pregnant with Celine I had followed some of the superstitions about pregnancy thinking that it is better to be careful with everything for the sake of my baby. But of course, above all, I believe in God, that whatever will happen, it’s up to Him.

Celine with her grandpa, she's posing when she saw me capturing her picture!

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