Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Celine, the Explorer!

                                       My Baby Celine loves Dora the Explorer!

Baby Celine loves this latino girl named Dora. Whenever I turn on the DVD, she’s so excited to watch the show and dance with the music of Dora. As a Mom, I do love Dora too. The adventures of Dora let my baby learn many things (counting in Spanish, alphabets, nursery rhymes, colors and good manners) thru playing. It is a fun way of learning for toddlers. It is so rewarding to see my little Celine hum as Dora sings her adventure songs; she even repeats the words that Dora speaks. It is so amazing that when I sing the Dora Song, my baby would point at the TV requesting to me to turn on her favorite cartoon show. I am proud also that people adore my baby for being cute like Dora. I let her wear the Guess shirt and shorts her Aunt Cath gave her, put on her backpack, and capture a perfect ala-Dora pose of her. Many of my friends loved her picture and I hope you love it too!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Cute cute ng baby mo sis. My Julia adores Dora too.


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