Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Summer Outing at Jed's Island Resort

Birthday celebrator- Auntie Tess

It is summertime again! It is really fun to enjoy the heat of summer with your family. My hubby’s Aunt planned to celebrate her birthday at Jed’s Island resort, and without a second thought, hubby and I decided to join his relatives. I love outings! This is a great chance to have family bonding, an opportunity for my baby for social development and for great get-togethers with the extended family.
With the giant Superman (Celine is wondering why he is so big)

It was my first time to visit Jed’s Island Resort. I was struck with the huge statues of cartoon characters and cartoon heroes found everywhere in the place. This resort is the biggest resort in Bulacan, located along MacArthur Highway, Calumpit, Bulacan, with 11 water pools which can accommodate 4,000 persons. We were fortunate that we were able to rent a cottage near the kiddie pool.
Family bonding
For the boys only..
Me and my hubby

Our get together is a successful one. We really enjoyed the swim party, barbecues, fruits, pastas, family reunions, and the beer session for the boys.
Celine is afraid of the pool, she's screaming on her first dip!
But then, she loves the swimming pool when she tasted the water (^^)
And she keeps her tongue out all the time!

Although my little Celine was a little bit afraid to get in the pool for the first time, she did enjoy it when she tasted the water. Maybe she thought it was a big pale of water. She always let her tongue out to taste the pool water. It gave her the chance to play with her older cousins.
Darling of the crowd with Lola Vic
Smiling little swimmer with her Aunt Cath

My little baby has always been the darling of the crowd. She became the star for that day especially when they find her cute in her pink and green swimsuit. I am thankful she no longer has the stranger anxiety at that time.

It's a tiresome day for my princess...

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