Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Beautiful Mind: Wednesday Happy Thoughts

It’s time for a beautiful mind. They say happiness cannot be found on someone or on anything, but it is only within ourselves on how we perceive every little thing that we received each day.

This is my first time to blog my Wednesday happy thoughts,..

Happiness is…

1.      Early dinner date with my bhi-mine at Dimsum  (Northwalk) yesterday.. I loved the beef noodles, so yummy!
2.      Pedicure with my hubby at Greenville and new haircut for him (^^)..
3.      Bonding moments again with our little princess Celine last night and this morning!
4.      Looking forward for an exciting Christmas party at office this Friday
5.      Long distance call from New Zealand (my bestfriend, Elcel Christine)..I missed her so much.. It’s so nice to know that inspite of her busy schedules she still remembers me..
6.      I am so glad that at last, I have proven to myself that my hubby deserves my trust..

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