Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13: A Birthday to Remember

On our wedding day (with my in-laws)

I just want to share a story about a woman I met on November 30, 2008 to whom I owe so much.. My special friend introduced her to me.. she’s his Mom.. And I never thought at that time that she too will become my second Mom. I came to know her as a cheerful and bubbly woman amidst the pain she’s suffering from Diabetes. She told me, she used to pray that her son will not meet the one God has prepared for him. She wanted to be with him always.. But, when she’s starting to feel weak, she suddenly thought that maybe it’s time to see her grandchild to her only son. I asked her: “When did you start praying for the true love of your beloved son?” She answered, three years ago.” I was mesmerized.. that was the time I entered the bank to where me and her only son worked.

And her prayers came true.. after four months, I and her son got married. There’s only one wish she ever prayed for that has not yet been granted.. a granddaughter.. since her only daughter’s kids are all boys.. For how many months we lived with her in the old house, I never heard her complained of her children. I never saw her cry. I never experienced any dull moments with her. She would always knock on our room and offer me fruits to eat. Yes, she’s so much concerned with her grandchild that I carry. And she always hopes that this time her wish will be granted. In August 2009, we had good news.. my ultrasound result says we’re having a baby girl. And finally in November 2009, I gave birth to our beautiful daughter.. her wish has finally come true..

After a few months, she started to get weak because of her Diabetes and her ear infection added pain to her. She could not eat well. She’s taking herbal medications. She has a faith for healers rather than doctors. She was hospitalized three times, and half of her body was paralyzed. She was bed ridden, but her children never stop taking care of her. I admire my husband and my sister-in-law for the hope and faith they are holding on, and the love they have for their mother.
Until her time has come to meet our Father in Heaven. She died peacefully raising a cross. It was in July 16, 2010 when our Aunt called us about the shocking and very sad news. The night before she died, we visited her, and whispered to her how much we love her.

The loss of a parent is one of the biggest things in life, something people feel unprepared for and often feel the sense of grief will never leave them. I don’t know how to comfort my husband for I know how he loves his mother so much. And I’m thankful that God guided us to surpass this trial.

In the memory of a great mother-in-law..
Corazon Melo Mercado (December 13, 1948 – July 16, 2010)

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