Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Celine Milestones

date: 11/07/2009   age: Newborn

Early in the morning of November 7, 2009, I felt like my womb is contracting every 5 minutes. My OB-Gyne advised me to expect the baby as early as November 9, 2009 as my cervix is already soft. .Inspite of the labor pains, we were able to go to SM Great Image for a pictorial with my hubby. My husband brought me to the hospital at 4:45pm when the pain became more intense. I was dilated at 2cm when we arrived at the hospital. The OB was surprised when she found out that the baby was coming since I was already dilated at 8cm at 6pm. With only one push, Celine finally came out at 6:43pm. No words can explain how happy I am the first time I saw my baby... I took her small hands and held her tight.. very happy of the wonderful gift God has given me.. and a little bit nervous thinking I am already a mother to a very cute baby girl

Brought baby home
date: 11/09/2009   age: Newborn

I am extremely overwhelmed when the nurse has finally handed to me my baby. She was wearing a white tie-side shirt and a diaper at that time and I wrapped her with a pink receiving blanket. On our way home, her daddy is driving slower than usual. Celine was so quiet on our way, and looks like she’s feeling secured as I held her closely in my arms.

First doctor visit
date: 11/13/2009   age: Newborn

My baby has gained only .05kgs from birth. She is now 3.35kgs. Happy to know we're on the right track.Doc Ronald Morales, husband of my OB-Gyne,  will be Celine's pediatrician. Doc Morales told us that our baby is doing well but we need to expose her under the sun since her skin is still yellowish.

First smile
date: 11/17/2009   age: 1 week old

I find myself reaching for the camera several times a day since the day we brought home our baby. I want to capture all of my baby's antics. I want to capture her first smile. She often sleeps and her eyes always shut in her pictures. Until one day when I was gazing at my baby in her cot, I saw her smile for the first time. It feels like I’m the happiest Mom on Earth to see my baby smile, and makes me wonder what made my baby smile?

First time rolling over
date: 03/28/2010   age: 6 months old: Week 3

My baby first rolled over- from back to tummy while I was playing with her in the bed. My baby was a little bit surprised when she was already on her stomach. I was pretty excited to see her in that position and hurriedly took my camera..surprisingly she even smiled upon seeing me taking a picture of her.

First time sitting up
date: 05/01/2010   age: 5 months old: Week 4

While spending quality time with our baby Celine in our room, we are extremely surprised to see her sit alone as her Daddy removed his support to her body! Celine really enjoyed that moment as we record a video of her milestone.

First tooth
date: 05/01/2010   age: 5 months old: Week 4

After months of chewing and drooling- the 1st sharp little tooth has barley surfaced! Looking at it it's the lower middle tooth (right side of the middle). She would wake up in the middle of the night screaming and would take a bottle of milk to go back down. Currently she's got 2 visible tiny teeth. Her drooling was unstoppable. She likes to feel her teeth with her tongue. Probably wondering what they are.

Started solids
date: 05/09/2010   age: 6 months old

Celine tried solids for the first time. An apple was first on the menu, grated through a spoon and a teaspoonful consumed. Other than the tounge reflex pushing the food back out of her mouth, she seemed to enjoy the experience. She seemed to be grateful for giving her an apple and smiles for every teaspoon of grated apple her Daddy gives her.

First haircut
date: 11/07/2010   age: 1 year old
Celine had her first haircut today. It has been a superstitious belief that the first haircut should be done by someone intelligent so that the baby will inherit the mental capacity of the cutter. And I’m proud I did it. I put the lock of hair I got from Celine in a Medical Guide since I have a dream for her to become a doctor someday. She looks really pretty on her new hairstyle. My baby looks like a grown-up already.

First steps
date: 12/09/2010   age: 13 months

Celine had finally made her first independent steps. She walked to me while balancing thru her hands. She looks so happy and she enjoys what she’s doing. From then on, she keeps on repeating it over and over again.

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