Monday, December 20, 2010

Essence of Christmas: A time to Love and Share

Whenever the month of December sets in, people would be busy preparing on how to celebrate the Christmas. Christmas is the day that Christians have set aside to celebrate the beginning of the greatest gift mankind has ever received.

It has been my personal practice since I was 7 years old to prepare personalized Christmas card for my parents. It’s a common notation that Christmas is the much-awaited season for most of the kids to receive presents from adults, but for me, it’s a much-awaited moment to express thankfulness to my parents, for the love and care they have instilled on us, just like what Mama Mary and Joseph provided baby Jesus. Mixed emotions struck me from the time I prepare the card to the moment I give it to them. I am filled with excitement as I hide it from them while preparing the card; I am really thrilled whenever I see my finished Christmas card made from materials out of nowhere. I am overwhelmed whenever I could see in my parent’s eyes the sparkling love and the smile of appreciation as they got the message from my simple gift.

Now that I am a Mom, I want to show my little princess the true essence of Christmas. I make sure that she’s present every time I buy gifts for my officemates, friends and family. I even allow her hold a gift wrapper and a scotch tape to experience how to wrap a gift.  And whenever I receive gifts from my officemates, family and friends, I would let Celine open them, to show her that if you give Love, it will come right back to you. They say it takes a good mom to bring-up a good child. It is not only the words that I should teach her coz children imitate what adults do.

What really counts is not gift, but the thought of giving a time of you to remember the special people at Christmas time. It is the time for extending the amazing gift Jesus has given us. It is the time for love and sharing.

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