Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Art of Shaving For My Hubby

As a wife, I am concern of my husband’s grooming just as I take good care of my little one. If a child is a reflection of her parents, husband’s grooming is a reflection of how his wife takes good care of him. Husbands love to be pampered by their wives. And being a wife of a man who works as an appraiser, I should be aware on how to take good care of his skin and how to maintain his face with a clean-shaven fresh and flawless look.

I used to worry when I see those cuts, razor burn or irritation on my husbands face after his shaving. Since I want my husband to have that clean look without hurting himself, I took an effort to learn on how to apply the art of shaving to him and I am glad that now I don’t see anymore those cuts and burns.
Warm Water helps open pores so it is vital to wash his face with warm water to detoxify and remove oil and dirt in his skin at the same time opening the pores.
Next is applying the shaving cream over the area to be shaved. But since some shaving creams contains chemicals that irritates my husband’s sensitive skin, applying pre-shaved oil is necessary before the cream.
Shave in the direction of the hair growth gently. My husband uses electric shaver coz it allows him to shave fast and prevent razor cuts. It is best to clean the shaver cutter after every shave for sanitation purposes and for longer use.
After shaving, he rinses his face with cold water to close the pores and applies natural moisturizing ointment. Two times a week he exfoliates his skin using a natural facial scrub to maintain his fresh look.
Hope these tips will help your husbands too to prevent razor burns and cuts and maintain that fresh clean look. As they always say, it takes a woman to get the job done properly. Hope you enjoy the art of shaving with your hubby!

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