Friday, October 7, 2011

Mommy's Hobby

My life as a woman usually revolves around my role as a mom, wife and a worker. As a working mom wherein I only have little time in my hands for myself, it is important for me to have a hobby to provide an outlet for my innate need. I take some time out everyday to pursue what I enjoy for me to unwind and recharge to lessen the stress from work pressure and other responsibilities. These are the hobbies that make me feel relaxed and positive:

Reading. Reading allows me to have my own world, it allows me to explore to different worlds and gain knowledge from it. Reading gives me different views about life, teaches me how to be a better person, helps me to understand other people’s life, and guides me how to be a better wife and mom.

When you're looking for parenting tips, I'll recommend this one..
Manual for couples with biblical principles towards a happy marriage
Music.  Music helps me release my innermost feelings. It helps me get back into mood whenever I have those bad times. A way of engaging into music is listening and videoke trips with my hubby. I am not born diva, but whenever I sing I make the people around me happy-maybe because I sing with my heart.
Videoke trip with hubby (Taken when we were still friends)

Blogging. It started in October 2010 when I became interested in blogging. It all began when I became a mom and I google whatever information I want to know about parenting. Since then, I was inspired to blog whatever achievements, tips and experience I have in my life as a wife and mom. Blogging widens also my network of friends and helps me to understand more about life. I am looking forward that my blogging hobby will earn money for extra income aside from the fun I have from it.
My Blog: A Story of a Wife and Mom

Watching Movies. Whenever there is too much stress from work (usually every week), I and hubby would go to cinemahouses and watch the movies we both like. I really enjoy this hobby especially when I can relate with the flow of the stories. I love it whenever I and hubby talks about the plot and characters of the movies we watched.
At the moviehouse..

I am looking forward to spending more time for my hobbies so when I return to my real world I will be facing challenges with more confidence and positively!

This is my share to Mommy Moments: Mommy's Hobby.


  1. reading was one of my hobbies before but I got so busy when family started. it's good that you continue to read, it really enriches the mind :)

  2. I have that Train Up A Child (an older version) and it really is a wonderful book for parents!
    thanks for visiting my site :)

  3. I love the way you described how you feel when you are reading...that's exactly it. Feels like you're in your own world, the chance to further explore and get different views about life.

  4. I love getting lost in a book! :) REading your post made me feel you truly have a wonderful time everyday!

  5. I love to do all of those things, too, but because of my busy work and home schedule, I rarely have time to read books. Sigh! Thanks for visiting my MM entry!

  6. i love how you say "i sing with my heart"... truly the best way to express our feelings and thoughts :)

    im so glad to know more about you through this post! thanks for joining this week :)

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  8. another singing mom here...mukhang pede na mangaroling ang mga Mommies ng Mommy moments sa Christmas ah!

    please check out the other side of this mom


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