Thursday, October 20, 2011

Future Pedia

My little toddler's second birthday is coming closer, and I thought of buying her something that could make her super happy. I remember one time in the mall she want the "Baby Alive" doll so much. After my appointment with a client, I and my office mate went to Parkson in Clark and bought the "Better Baby Alive" doll for my daughter as my gift for her birthday. She want also a bicycle but I am afraid of the accident it may bring. 
checking the vital signs

first picture with her new baby

getting the temperature

time to change her diaper!
I am glad she likes it. I can see that she enjoys it, but I enjoyed more watching her playing. As I watch her, I realized how time flies so little one is growing up. And maybe someday, she will become one of those successful pediatricians in our place.

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