Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Magical Day at Enchanted Kingdom

I am sharing our pictures during our family bonding at Enchanted Kingdom and Tagaytay last August. It was actually a late summer outing for hubby and his officemates. They brought with them their own families for they know they will enjoy a day in EK if they'll spend it with their family. I forgot to reset the date and time settings of our camera, so you will notice that the date was different.
My daughter was just behave for 10 minutes, she actually walked around the bus for the whole trip
Upon arrival to Josephine's Restaurant in Tagaytay, my little tot who was so tired fell asleep
My little one loves these pretty hats and she wants me to buy one for her
Carousel Ride.. she cried a lot when the ride ended, huhu
happy family

I'm a little bit scared coz my daughter wants to go down
so excited to ride Up, up and Away!
My daughter's first time to watch 4D @ Realto (Yogi Bear)
I bought that sweater along the way

She's shy when our officemate took a picture of her

The day ended with smiles in our faces

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