Saturday, October 8, 2011

Must Have: Medicine Cabinet For My Little Toddler

My Tot's Medicine Cabinet
Last September, my little girl has a low-grade fever and common cold at the same time. That night I was so anxious since when I looked at the medicine cabinet there was no paracetamol available for her fever. It even took me also longer hours looking for the digital thermometer to monitor her temperature. I was nervous that I brought her to her pediatrician the following morning and requested for NS1 Dengue Test. Thank God that the result was negative and her low grade fever was due to phlegm in her lungs. One thing I learned from that situation is that it is a must for every home with toddlers to keep a medicine cabinet as first aid for any illness especially when those situations arise in the middle of the night. Experiencing those cuts, scrapes, insect bites, common cold, rashes and diarrhea are part of growing-up so parents must be pro-active and must be ready to give their children first aids at home. From them on, I made sure that the following items are available in my toddler’s medicine cabinet:
1.       Digital Thermometer. Once your kid has a fever, it is necessary to monitor her temperature. I opt to use digital than mercury since mercury thermometer contains toxic when broken.
2.       Paracetamol. I usually give my toddler Tempra when her fever reaches 38.2 degree Celsius. Her pedia does not recommend Ibuprofen and Aspirin when the cause of fever is unknown since it can increase the risk of bleeding like for dengue fever.
3.       Hydrocortisone/Diaper Cream/ Petroleum Jelly.   Having a sensitive skin, I always maintain inventories of these ointments to relieve my toddler’s diaper and heat rash.
4.       Antibiotic Ointment.  For minor cuts, burns and insect bites, I apply this ointment to prevent bacteria build-up and infection.
5.       Salinase Drops.   This is a must since at their age and with the changing climate toddlers are prone to colds.
6.       Mosquito Repellent.  Since there was dengue outbreak, I made sure that we apply the no-DEET insects repellent lotion from Human Nature (made from Citronella). I used to buy mosquito patch before but I noticed when I arrive home that there were still mosquito bites in her legs, so I switched to lotion.
7.       Oral Rehydration Fluid Pedialite.  I usually maintain a bottle of Pedialite, but it should be put inside the refrigerator. Toddlers usually have diarrhea since it is the stage of their exploration and they tend to put everything on their mouth. To prevent dehydration, I usually let her drink about two to four ounce of this depending on the frequency of her bowel movement.

I did not mention any decongestants, anti-histamines or cough medicines here since I don’t want to give them to my daughter without her doctor’s prescription. Medicine cabinets should be hang/place in areas free from direct sunlight or humidity to maintain the quality of the medicines.

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